Monday, October 23, 2006

BF2142: Rank up vs XP

Man, you totally forget how much faster time goes when you play an FPS game. It's like 4 hours goes by in 4 minutes. Complete adrenaline rush. That's probably why I've been completely praying to the gods every day about Huxley. FPS MMORPG. I literally cried from hysteria when I saw the trailer to it. But then again, that game might be the death of me.

Anyhow, Battlefield 2142 is pretty good. I must say it's quite weird seeing skyscrapers in my fps games. Not used to that. I even successfully flew the choppers around. They have made manning vehicles a lot easier in this version. I'm the engineer of our squad, still trying to learn all the maps. Going from MMORPG to FPS will throw your brain for a loop the first couple times around. "frost bolt! no wait. reload! no wait. cover me!"
Also, WoW throws off your strafe buttons. I still need more practice though. Going to a lan party in November. JAE has to bring it!


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Official/blue TBC release date.

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