Sunday, October 22, 2006

Death March

Grind Grind Grind. Quest Quest Quest.
That's pretty much what I did all of yesterday on my priest. We breaked once for lunch for sandwiches (ham, mustard no mayo) and once for dinner, chinese take-out (beef w/ broc).

We covered Deadmines, Redridge Lakeshire, Duskwood, and the Wetlands. Level 28 and 32 more to go. Our party make up is:
Taint: Human Priest
Alachia: Human Priest
Sadin: Human Warrior
Felix: Human Warrior (but is going to switch over to his warlock when we hit 30)

Today we cover Stockades, Gnomer, and DUN DUN DUN STRANGLETHORN VALE! I foresee is being slowed down quite a bit in STV due to gankfesting. (it's a good thing I have 10 copies of every page in the STV chapter quest) Free 3k XP. :D

I'm mostly looking forward to my mount. Walking is SOOOO over-rated! lol. And you better believe I'm getting the black stallion this time around!


Anonymous said...

If I could play as long as you I still woudn't level that fast... Damn 8 levels in one day! Im barely gettin one...

Alachia said...

at moments. it has felt like my brain was going to explode. :D

Anonymous said...

Runs away from goey exploding guts

Legault said...

I'm lvl 39 and a half! I want my mount so bad, but I can't play right now!!!

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