Friday, October 20, 2006

Do you have to be fair?

If only it were possible to make everyone happy in the game, all the time.

At my job, I have to make a lot of decisions that effect the people around me. Asking someone to come in on a Saturday will most definitely not make them happy. Of course, having your entire team screamed at for missing a deadline and causing the project to go over budget, not so good. But you have to make the call one way or another.

I've found the same dilemmas in being a guild lead. And you learn over time, that as much as you want to make some people happy, you have to think of "over all" guild satisfaction and not "that dude who was super nice to you" or "that one person who power leveled you through mauradon", etc.

so last night. the tome of polymorph turtle dropped again. (why we are still running ZG, i don't know).
All of the mages in the raid has gotten it.

One of the old mages from cykos comes on our raids even though he is not in our guild at the moment. But he
always comes to our raids as his warrior.

When the book fell, he askd if he could have it.

Dilemma 1: He was one of my best mages in cykos. He's a nice guy. He once gave me the Ace of Elementals without blinking an eye and returned all my attempts at sending him gold for it.

Dilemma 2: He's not the only one in that raid with an alt mage that would like that book.

Dilemma 3: A lot of people in the raid could use the money from the sell of the book. Most of JAE are pretty poor in-game.

Dilemma 4: It's not easy for mages to find a ZG group willing to run Fish Boss just so they can get the book. So is it better to bank the books and save them for everyone's alts?

Dilemma 5: We could raid roll the book and whoever won the roll would get to do whatever they wanted with the book. But again, it would be basically giving one person close to 800-1000 gold. Sure to make some people annoyed.

The final resolution was to sell the book for profit and split the proceeds among those present during the fight.

I felt bad. It was a hard decision to make. And I apologized that I wasn't able to just give his alt the book. I'm sure he was still pretty dissapointed.

It sucks you can't make everyone happy. It's all virtual but the feelings are real.


Unknown said...

I experience this a lot when I'm fighting mobs in a cave filled with lots of other players on the same quest. Unless you're grouped, it is hard to say who "deserves" to loot the chest in the back of the cave. So many people are all killing mobs all at once - it seems like it's just a matter of who gets there first.

By the way - I got there first. I think it pissed some people off.

Alachia said...

hahaha. anyone who can sing Belinda Carlisle songs on a podcast, would never have any problems with chest cave dilemmas.

you guys are hilarious.

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