Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Audio 450 Ultimate Performance On-the-Go Headset

Woot. my dream come true headset. Just ordered mine! Free shipping from amazon.com..and it's only 28 bucks there too. wooohooo!!!

Plantronics )) Computer )) Computer Headsets )) .Audio™ 450 Ultimate Performance On-the-Go Headset


Kaz said...

Wow, don't they look hot? Heh.

Damn, I need to get around to getting a new headset/mic myself. My current ones are so uncomfortable they feel like they're squeezing my head together ><, so they just sit around my neck for mic use.

WTB live music to goto PST.
Welcome2australia, s0n. -_-

wowcast said...

i've gone through about 4-5 headset over the past three years.

i started out with a behind the ear one...then that broke..and i replaced it..then i moved to an over the head one because wearing the other ones for over 10 hours started to hurt. then those broke..and i got another one..etc... we've tried them all out...over, under, top, bottom. lol.

this will be something new! i hope they are as good as i dreamed them to be. heh.

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