Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Clinic for Video Game Addiction

Episode 25 is out. Uber thanks to Spurlock for sharing his awesome story with me! It really cracked me up! /lol

Oh yeah, I also get a cameo in the story! He made me a pink pigtailed gnome! sweeet!

(the real life clinic in Amsterdam)

Smith and Jones
Sint Nicolaasstraat 16
1012 NK Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 5286371
Fax: +31 (0)20 5286372

also, China opens a Video Games Addiction Clinic

This story is not meant to offend other addicts or small people.


Anonymous said...

I dont know, in my personal opinion, i dont think there is such a thing as video game addiction. I mean, ok, i know anything can be addictive but still.... is it really gonna help? I know this may sound wrong, but when i see parents saying "oh my kid is in trouble, he/she is addicted". My question to them is "Where are you? Why can't you stop it?" Are the parents scared of their own kids? What is wrong with them?!?! The thing parents can do is walk over to the computer, push the turn off button, problem solved.

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

First, thank you Alachia for letting me come on the show. It was a blast.

I was pleasantly surprised that you had a full bar, shrimp cocktail and caviar in your green room. It was quite a shock to learn that you record wowcast before a studio audience of 500 listeners. It would have been nice if we could have hung out on the stage longer to take pictures, but like you said, Jerry Springer gets seriously po'd if he has to wait for his stage.

A few notes about the stories that people may or may not find interesting:

- I wrote the stories before the BC came out, so everything is pre-BC.

- The Director of Maintenance Operations (DOMO) is a nodd to Majordomo Executus, the 8th boss in Molten Core. He is wearing a butler outfit, because majordomo means butler or the head of a house hold.

- There was a man wearing a Joe Dromedary t-shirt. A dromedary is a type of camel, so this was a nod to the everyone's favorite phalic marketing icon, Joe Camel. Although, I was never sure how a phalic symbol would make men want to put the product in their mouths.

- Sybil is in reference to the movie of the same name about the young woman with multiple-personalities.

- I know methadone doesn't give you a high feeling and probably wouldn't really relieve the pain in my ankle.

- I think I changed the name of the internet cafe mid-story. Should have caught it proof-reading.

- I was trying to go for the whole Patton shell-shock (Patton got in trouble for threatening a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder) with the slapping Pk4life, but I don't think it came through. I was going to threaten him with my pearl handled pistols (as Patton did the soldier), but if someone missed the reference, it wouldn't have made sense.

- Bludhoof is my real life best friend, a kick ass tank, and an awesome sport about me poking fun at him. While he likes fine scotch and is a slow typer, he has never demonstrated a proclevity for hookers, pot or small people.

- Angst is my real guild, horde side on Scarlet Crusade.

- I have never, ever bought DKP.

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