Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Picnic on the Dam

Real Play. I've been into that a lot lately for some reason.
I like doing little social things to connect with people and spend time learning things from them and about them. It's my new addiction.

Awhile back, Sadin pointed out to me that there was a cute little picnic setup outside the Aldor bank. We all went to check it out. It was so very cute. But we had no idea where it came from and it dissapeared almost as soon as I got there.

A few weeks later, Starman whispered me in game to tell me to come check something out. He had the picnic basket setup! It was really cool. I noticed people tend to gather around it a lot when it's near the banks in Shattrath. He said it was from the trading card game. The Rest and Relaxation card.

Today, one of the guys gave me the code for the picnic basket! woot! So I flew down to booty bay and picked up a shiny brand new picnic basket of my own! Just as I was heading down there, I got a tell from Marco. He's the composer of my WoWcast soundtrack.

So I thought, what the heck, I'll go show him my new toy and say hello to thank him "in person" again for my soundtrack. I had one hour to spare before I had to go help some guildmates get Kara attuned. So I flew up to Loch Modan where he was questing. He happened to be on the dam. So I set up my picnic there and we chatted. It was quite lovely.

Now one of my favorite things to do is to lay the picnic basket outside of the bank and run away and watch to see how people interact around it from afar. My social experiments continue.... :) So far, the horde seem to stop by it more and sit than the alliance.



Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

The horde are interested in the picnic because they want to see if its one of their tauren relatives or guild mates on the grill. By the way, is it a George Foreman grill?

Britnay said...

I wondered what that was! I saw one last week in Stormwind. I managed to grab a grilled chicken leg that had absolutely no nutritional value before it disappeared. I'm still waiting for a leatherwoking hackeysack! Maybe a volleyball net. Then you can have a real party in the park.

Unknown said...

What would really complete that is a new "Baby Elekk" from the upcoming Children's Week :D


Alachia said...

no way! a baby Elekk!?

hahaha. I'll escort the kid to the depths of Grul's layer if I have to!


Vino said...

now what Alachia DIDN'T mention was the fact that after she "observes" the people, she comes up shadow balls a'blazin screamin "SHOO SHOO GET AWAY FROM MY PICNIC! I STOLE THIS CARD AND ITS MINE, AAALLLLL MINE GET AWAY YOU STUPID GNOME, YOU FAT TAUREN! GET ON THE GRILL!"

Alachia said...


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