Wednesday, January 09, 2008

1,674,888 Healing Done

Oddly enough, I got an invite to the guild's first raid this year. They're having issues with their priest or something so they needed more healers...hence I got to go to SSC tonight. We downed Hyrdoss, Lurker, Leotheres, and Tidewalker. The Tier 5 pally gloves dropped, I bid 5dkp (I only have 11). The guy who won bid 66dkp. LOL.

I think I'm still torn about raiding. Since these guys seem to know their stuff and only really invite the good players...they tend to down bosses very fast now. They make it look soooo easy too. I know it's not because they have all the coordination down...and a good leader...but they make it look like child's play.

OR maybe raiding is easy with all good players. I don't know. It's very nice learning the fights and seeing the content. I will have to say that SSC turned out to be not as exciting as I thought it would be in terms of graphics. It starts out totally impressive with this huge open underground cavern but then turns into closed areas with mobs and bosses in each hall and room... I would even say underbog is more impressive.

Also, I still think healing in PvE is a joke. Knowing when to dispel, over heal, down rank, etc is child's play. They don't even give the healers any instructions or assign healers for most of the fights. It's just free for all until we get to Leotheres. Perhaps the appeal is in the group/team effort. Again, lacking for me since I don't have any emotional ties to these people.

I plan to stick around for a bit since I'm still just backup and there's no real pressure. I do enjoy the opportunity to see parts of the game that I wouldn't otherwise be able to see....but in terms of a challenge, I guess I don't feel it since I'm not part of the leadership of the guild??? That's my only guess. I swear if there was a spectator mode, I'd be fine with that.

But maybe that's the nature of larger group activities..the individual tends to get lost and it's harder to really put pressure to make a singular person better. The only thing you can really do to stand out is to be consistent and never f- up.

I watched the video for Lady Vashj, that seems like a crazy fight which will be nice to see if I get to come to that raid.

My small accomplishment for the night was not dying during any of the pulls except for full raid wipes which only happened twice and I was able to DI someone each time :) /flex

Also, I was third on the healing meters and 6th in overheals.
Shammy #1 with 2,338,346 healing done (#1 overheals)
Druid #2 with 1,788,000 healing done (#7 overheals)
Me #3 with 1,674,888 healing done (#6 overheals)

I was also #1 in cures....

Of course, no one noticed that but me. /gives self a reach around

I bet I could be number 1 if I had their gear. I tend to take raiding pretty seriously. I don't slack off because I do sometimes think one person can really make a difference regardless of whether or not anyone notices.

[Libram of Absolute Worthlessness] (okay, that's not wut it's called but that's what it is. dropped off of this some kind of wow joke? no one wanted it)


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