Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random 100

Normally, I'm a pretty bad roller. I'm more prone to roll a 2 or a 9 than anything above the 30 range. But yesterday, we had to do the a roll off for the gruul loot because of the server crash after we downed him.

I rolled on the the T4 pants and got a 100!! I was like OMG. I never roll a 100!
The next pally rolled a 6. :(
She's super new though so her healing gear is all blue and from low level instances and quests...clearly a huge upgrade for her. I was only rolling for tanking legs. So I passed it to her..but man!!! a 100! and I blow it on that!???


Anonymous said...

I know the pain Alachya. I rolled for a piece of T3 gear once and rolled a 99, thought I had this, with only 1 person left to roll. Yeah he rolled a 100. To this day 99 is still my highest ever roll. But now that I have a new char, maybe I will one day hit that 100.. to bad I know it will be on some crude green stuff.

Mercot said...

Haha, grats!

Very cool of you to pass it to the newer person, though.

And yeah, I think 99 has been my highest roll to date.

wowcast said...

yeah, actually after a lot of people inspected the T4 legs, it was apparent that it was an upgrade for very few of us...sad huh?

A couple of people would still like it for the set bonus but the stats are marginal compared to ZA and Kara.

Kevin said...

hey A. hop on msn some evening this week when you get a chance (or answer you phone, like that will happen)


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