Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pirate and the Ninja

Hahaha. Sometimes it's the little things..

I hate being a dwarf. Besides the helicopter pigtails, it just doesn't feel right in her skin. So I like to buy Savory Deviate Delight to help my self-image issues.

This gem of food transforms you either into a ninja or a pirate. You remember the old MC days of raiding ninja and pirates?? hehehe.

Anyhow, I'm all about the ninja!!! I think the ninja is a bad@ss. She/he looks cool, has an awesome outfit, and if you've seen Samurai X, Ninja Scrolls, etc...come on. No contest.

There's this rogue in my guild who is in opposition with me. He's straight up pirate. Yarrr!!! We argue about the merits of the two all the time during kara raids. He thinks pirates are tougher, rugged, brutal and therefore better than ninjas.

I agree, they are tougher and brutal....tougher and brutal to look at because they're so hideous. They have jacked up faces and teeth and worn out cloths that look like something from a bad 70s disco movie. Who champions the pirate?? I guess Jack Sparrow.. I'll give them that one.

Ninjas are cunning and stealthy and fend for themselves. They can fly solo and without detection so that you never know if it's 10 people that killed you or 1 ghost. Pirates are about brutal force. They rely on numbers and over power. They have no integrity and will sell their own mother for a nice bag of booty. Ninjas on the other hand are honorable and are loyal to their beliefs.

Need I go on? It's no contest. Ninjas > Pirates

hahahahhaa. So I got this t-shirt for my birthday.

I don't remember signing any alliance! lol


Mercot said...

For male toons, pirates are OK, but ninjas are sooo much cooler. Both get points, though, for the laugh, dance and LotRO joke (so much funnier, because we never get those jokes as horde). I really hate the female pirate costume, she just doesn't look right.
Makes you think: most transformative buffs in the game turn you into Humans or Gnomes (with the exception of Nogginfogger skeletons, and even then you can't mount up). Why aren't there any Horde skins for Alliance players to have fun with? Is that something Allies would like at all?

casetel said...

Yarrr need to be give'in up da skallywagg'in ways of da landlubbin ninja. Aye, noth'in but scoundrel fit for shark bait, they be.

Me mateys swachbuck'lin da booty, loaded to da gunwhales is what the world of the warcraft be about lassy.

wowcast said...

casetel, hahahah!!
yarrr, ye got me there laddy.
pirate talk is awesome.

the only two things I know of that transform us alliance into horde is the orb of deception and a malfunction with the engineer transport. it's actually pretty fun seeing how the different horde races cast my spells. :)

Tommy C said...

I'm so jealous... I want that shirt too.

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