Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Memories Pile On

I thought this collage is a good representation of how much of my life has been involved in World of Warcraft. And a good visual representation of what I mean by virtual experiences adding to your visual memory...thus becoming an actualized part of your "living" experience.

There is no validity to the idea of existing online right now all I can do is come off as this sort of pathetic chic with no life. But one of these days I'll get to turn around and be like "see! I'm not crazy... it was all just a matter of time"


Mercot said...

Very cool. I like the Polaroid effect. For a while I had my home screen saver pulling random screenies from my WoW folder...I think it weirded people out, though.

I do enjoy just scrolling through all the memories from time to time...seeing old names and faces. It really is like a photo album of my WoW life.

Oh, and my Dwarf yell was, "Ye can surrender after I kill yer sorry ass ye rabid butt scratchin' gutless kidneywipe !"

Bryce said...

I like that Polaroid effect, what did you use to get it ?

wowcast said...

I used Picasa2.
I just clicked on the collage feature. I just wish you could arrange it after it creates it.

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