Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Alachia's RL Room

Well, you guys have seen my WoW room...here's my RL room. I recently re-arranged my room to fit the new monitor I got for x-mas. Dual screen rocks. I had no idea what I was missing. And yeah, that's not a lan phone next to my desk. It's one of those nifty At&t blue tooth cellphone receivers. So I just sync my cell phone to it (when I remember) and the base picks up all incoming calls. There's also a receiver downstairs but the range is close to 30 feet from the cell phone to the base. Technology is awesome.


Soja Bird said...

Hey Alachia, nice to get a better view in your world (of warcraft). This is a realy good way to get to know you a bit better, knowing your surrounding.

Only thing missing is a face that suits your voice :), I'm still seeing you as a kind of "The Guild" girl (http://www.watchtheguild.com)

Greatings Heat

Anonymous said...

Dual screens and a laptop... I would be so distracted myself that I would never get any raiding done with all the net surfing I would be doing.

Dalmore said...

You forgot to label the most important feature........ the easy button!!!

Moonknight said...

I am glad to finally see the rest of what I knew as the "green room".

wowcast said...

OMG! You noticed the easy button! I love that thing! I got it for Christmas. You push it and it says "that was easy!"

I know..the smallest things right?

Neil said...

And as a true sign of geekdom you left your Firefly DVDs out -- Nice.

- Neil

Jean-Philippe said...

Dual screen rules, been addicted to it for years now... it feels just like the first time your shaman dual wields... /woot !

Take care and keep it up, love your show, and your mindset !


wowcast said...

the bottom three are Sleepy Hollow, Strictly Ballroom, and Hackers.

I had them ready in case I had to raid.

Igoo said...

/swoon Hackers

We have a guild on our server called "Zero Cool". Makes me smile


wowcast said...

crash and burn!!!

mess with the best, die like the rest!

it's in the place where I put that thing that time!

spandex, it's a privilege, not a right!

Mercot said...

Very nice. I wish I had that much desk space. I do, actually, but it's incredibly messy. My workspace has the strata of an archaeological dig site.

Anonymous said...

OMG - no Panda Cub stuffed animal?

wowcast said...

man, you're right. I need to get me a panda! No wonder the space never felt complete! :D

Maclort said...

Your room is too tidy..
I have my walls similar, three walls one colour and the remaining wall a different one.
And instead of the 'That was easy' butt on, I have a 'Panic' button glued onto my keyboard. I like to poke it a lot when i die.

Your room looks so comfy too, major jealousy going on here. And I'm too old to get away with stuffed animals unfortunately.

And a snack bucket? lol
At college I had a snack drawer - I love the idea.


Alan / Falcon said...

Hackers is awesome. :-) I listen to that on listentoamovie.com at least once a week, usually while playing. Sometimes at work.

I love your room. This should have been featured in Second Skin - a very non-stereotypical gamer room in my opinion. Unlike my own. :-)

wowcast said...

thanks for the listentoamovie link. that's awesome.

did you get to see second skin? I haven't yet. I wish I could get my hands on a copy.

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