Thursday, January 10, 2008

igoogle, you google?

I like my igoogle pages to be pretty simple but I just recently added two more gadgets.
Like a noob, I never knew there was a subscribe feature for my blog so I added that just to test it out and also a world of warcraft database gadget.

Apparently there were some changes to gadget displays recently so the tab in the middle used to be it's a wow database search.

In any case, it helped me clear out a lot of my toolbar bookmarks.

Subscribe to the blog

WoW database Serach bar

Next step in the evolution of wow gadagets please...AH price ticker. lol.
[Silk Cloth bid.22s bo.3g| Sword of a Thousand Truths bid.1c bo.10000g]

that would be cool. :D


Neil said...

I used iGoogle for a while and it's good, but I eventually found Netvibes and liked that a lot better. However I'm hooked into a lot more RSS feeds than you. I have all my podcasts, webcomics, and blogs hooked into it. I basically use it as my "desktop" for the internet. Everything I'm normally interested present there.

You might want to check out google reader, though, you can add any blogs to it, and actually reads all the posts right there in one simple interface. Worth a look, at any rate.

- Neil

wowcast said...

sounds cool. I just started using gadgets with vista on my new lap too...I'm finding the versatility of these apps really awesome.

anyhow.. screenshot pelase. I'd love to see how it looks on your end.

Neil said...

Here's what I'm normally looking at with my netvibes. The number next to the websites is how many updates since I've checked the site (up to 3). You can change and customize a lot of the site. There's tons and tons of similar stuff. I did my fair share of searching around and landed on Netvibes. My general rule of thumb is don't go for the super complex stuff when you only need a few things. Sometimes I tend to go crazy and start using something way over the top.

- Neil

Mercot said...

I love the iGoogle homepage. Such a work distraction :)
Haven't tried / heard of Netvibes, though.

wowcast said...

ooh nice, you have role playing tips on your screen. hmmmm. Now I have to go check it out.

I still have never been able to try RP out.

Neil said... is a monthly newsletter, but it's more geared towards tabletop roleplaying, but you certainly would be able to translate it into WoW or anything else. was a blog that updated daily, unfortunately he isn't updating it anymore, the archives are filled with good stuff. Again, it's a tabletop RP centered, but there's lots of good character-centric things in there. is probably the one you'd like the most. The guy updates every-so-often, but usually it's real in-depth, motivation-creating character things.

But none of that has to do with homepage esque stuff, heh... I just like how I get more screen retail space with Netvibes, and I can fit four columns, so I got my podcasts column, my web comic column, my blog column, and then my other coloumn.

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