Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raiding with the flow

(One shot Fathom-Lord Karathress, only Lady Vashj left in SSC)

I will say that I've come sort of 360 on my ideas about 25 man raiding. These past two weeks have made all the difference. I think it has a lot to do with my detachment emotionally from the guild I run with.

It's very nice just to show up, do my job, see some content, learn a new fight, and then log off. I've never really experienced that before. If we do well, it's cool. If we do poorly, I did my best and will listen to what needs to be done when told but I don't have to stress bout it.

Running your own stuff can be kind of drama-prone. So it's really nice to just be solely a participant for once. The drama is out of my hands.

Also, I brought my portable dvd player to my desk and am currently watching the Firefly series during the raid. hehe. It helps a lot during the down times like rebuffs and dkp bidding.

OH.. I almost won Tier 5 pants! hehe. I bid 20dkp cuz that's all I have...but another pally won with 25 dkp. Silent bids sucks FYI. hahahaha. oh well it was fun to finally be able to bid. Who would have though I'd ever own dkp again. lol.


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