Monday, January 14, 2008

LFG Bad@ss PvP Rogue

I'm looking for a 1900-2k rated Rogue to talk to. I swear. It is hard to find a decent pvp rogue you can actually get real data from. Most don't want to talk to you. It's probably one of the un-friendliest classes.

Anyhow. Currently, my rogue is combat mace with AR (adrenaline rush) and Prep with improved stealth etc.

I keep getting this idea that I'm supposed to be able to blow a target up with A-rush up. However, even with A-rush up, most people I duel or arena against are able to fear me, stun me, or cc me in some fashion during this time the time I get back to the target, they're pretty much healed to full again and A-rush is out.

I try not to pop it until my target is at 60% so I can go all out. But maybe I'm not using the right combo and thus inefficiently using my energy.

I've seen other rogues do it. Cheap shot, poison, vanish, cheap shot, white dmg, stun, build combos, pop a-rush, and then use the combos to finish.

Maybe my attack power isn't there? or my hit rating?
I've got 1435 attack power, 84 hit rating, 21% chance to crit, and base dmg of 443-597....

I also struggle with energy a lot because I use a lot of my combo points to stun to get dps off healers. So then when it's time to lay face and burst dps....there is no energy burst.

I tried reading forums but I all they ever do is talk about builds and calculate f-ing attack power percentages... blah blah. I need the meat!! Where's the dps cycles? What do you use to burst? There are so many finishing many combinations.

Do you keep hemo up and rupture or is it worth it more to spend energy building up combos for evis ...and when is it worth it to use energy on expose armor etc.

Ugh. You can not get away with not knowing your class inside and out when you PvP.
It really shows.


Soja Bird said...
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Soja Bird said...

Hey alachia,

perhaps you can see what is a good dps-cycle in this movie.

Greatzz Heat


Street Chief said...

I'm not a fan of HARP rogues tbh. Especially since they got nerfed. I tell my healer to conserve mana and just keep me above 50% when we fight a HARP rogue. After their burst is gone it's balls to the wall with sustained DPS. Boom-boom down. Next?

I hope you have the gladiator's 4/5 atleast for the energy bonus. Having only tested out HARP I can't be of much help...

Try my deep combat spec. It's really easy to pick up and it might provide more sustained DPS for those longer matches, more useful for 3's and 5's too.

But if you're deadset on HARP. Try to conserve your CD's until the healer is lower on mana, with a good burst at the right time they're doomed.


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