Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"WoW Scary"

Okay, so the reports were true. Alachia is rolling a shaman. Apparently Hell can freeze over. :) Felix is on a massive vacation in Oregon so I wasn't able to twist his arm into disturbing the balance of nature with me.

Sad and I picked up on our level 12 shamans Christmas day and rolled until we caught up with Taint's shaman who was sitting at level 26. At first, I thought we would all go as a pack of Elemental shamans..Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!


but as it turned out, Enhancement seemed more fitting for us. Taint and Sad went Enhancement and I went Resto. It was way more mana efficient and the dps output was faster.

Quick break down for those who don't know about the overpowered shaman class. Enhancement build is melee oriented, Elemental is caster dps, and Resto is healing spec.

So basically the two of them throw up Stormstrike in cycles, then Earth Shock, hit hit hit, and repeat.
In the meantime, I throw up Grace of Air Totem, Strength of Earth, and Mana Tide. I also throw in Earthshock when I see Stormstrike up.

Needless to say, we blow stuff up fast. KABOOM.

This one alliance paladin came across our path and saw us and typed "WoW Scary"

It's been kind of poetic justice with the horde too.. We just decimate all the horde in our path in seconds. Windfury weapon buff plus Stormstrike and Earthshock. It's just too easy.. At least I wasn't wrong all these years with my Overpowered shaman chant. :) Now I know what they were doing to me...bastards.

I've been considering a respec to Elemental but we just run out of mana so fast it makes sense for me to be resto.


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