Monday, January 07, 2008

Hardcore Raiding

I was in it.. I was responsible for it...I did it...I lived it.
But I still don't get it.

I'm reading up on my raiding guild's new rules for 2008. They've decided to ditch the casual raiding approach and go for hardcore progression. This translates into higher standards for their members...all gear must be enchanted and socketed with the best of items. You must bring required flasks, pots, and food to all raids...with threat to be kicked out. You must know the boss fights and not need explanation. You must perform to the raid standards. Anyone getting in the way of Black Temple before Expansion will be removed and replaced.

Trust me, I totally respect what they're doing. And I like how they execute everything with total seriousness and no-nonsense bs accepted. They have the correct attitude for progression.

But personally, I don't get it. Why when you have a really cool casual raiding guild with decent progression...would you try to turn it into the "beast"...because anyone who has done the serious hardcore raid progression does turn into that...

Luckily, they plan to stick with their specified raid days and raid times...which is good so that you aren't raiding every second of your life...and I'm only backup healer so most of this I won't feel too much of the effect.

I don't think people are doing it for least I hope not.. Hopefully it's just to achieve their goal of getting to a certain status in the game.

But for 3 hours of the day/3 days a bring your chatting. no scrubs. no bs. I keep asking myself.. do I really want to go back to that.. was I ever happy doing that? Seeing new content.. YES... love it.. Grinding it out with people I don't care about..Not so much.


Milk said...

Hopefully it doesn't turn into what my old guild turned out to be. We decided to turn "hardcore" and our members got poached by the top 5 guilds on the server. Bye bye progression :(

Dalmore said...

Just hope that you learned something from your last hardcore guild. I'd say have fun and just make sure it doesn't become a second job!!

Steven said...

You don't have to view it as a lifelong commitment. You can just commit to seeing Illidan down, then go back to your current schedule.

Even though I switched to casually attending raids after we got Illidan (in August! Woo!), I'm considering committing to the raid schedule for Sunwell to see the content.

It's going to be a few weeks of progression testing on the PTR, then a few weeks to clear it in live. There's a light at the end of the tunnel--you pay with some time for the fun of new content, and a race to beat it quickly for those who are competitive.

(BTW, I miss the podcast.)

Street Chief said...

I'm actually prepping for Gruul at this very second. I'd say that playing both worlds is kick ass. Each is a break from eachother and provides you with a sense of accomplishment and progression where the other lacks. I hope the smoke clears and you find your decision to be a good one :)

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