Friday, January 11, 2008

Episode 30 is up

(Neil, Lisa, and their baby Gabriel)

This postcard was sent to their guild when Gabriel was born to announce the birth of their son. hehehe. How cute!

Special thanks to Lisa, Neil, Jim, and Holly for sharing their story with me.

Episode 30


Starman said...

Woot! Good to see another show up.

Moonknight said...

Ah Starman beat me to it. I meant to post this comment first thing this morning.

I was so happy to see a new show available this morning. I didn't realize how much I missed this show until I started listening on my ride to work this morning. (BTW: love the new intro! Woot!)

WoW4Life and a Fan4Ever,
Moonknight A.K.A. Cyberius (new main)

Mercot said...

Such a nice surprise for a Friday morning…even if I kept getting interrupted by phone calls. /Sigh. Customers just don’t appreciate how long it’s been since we’ve had a proper WoWcast.
Also..."I found the (w)hole..."

Blodwin said...

Great episode. Nice to hear from you again, especially about the wider aspects of MMOs (umm metagame :P). But yes really nice to hear aobut how relationships can be effected by WoW. What I would have liked to hear is how parents who both play WoW juggle WoW and their kids.

wowcast said...

blodwin, yeah, I agree, that's a really good topic. Luckily I have some pretty good resources! noted! and thanks for the suggestion. :D

Marc said...

Great show. The idea of virtual worlds has always fascinated me and I'm glad you're filling the niche and talking about how WoW transcends just gaming and moves us even more to the Matrix.

As far as parents with kids, I have a few offpsring myself. My wife and I have had to talk a few times about gaming versus family and the best thing to do is to have an agreed upon window where you can game. Also, always giving preference to "real world" events helps...if the family is invited to a BBQ or something, you cancel your raid. Helps the wife faction. (grin)

Neil said...

You just have to learn to play good with one hand.

- Neil

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