Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a good little sycophant

Hehe. I noodled my way into the Serpentshrine raid today.
I learned a lot from the old raid days. People who show initiative and are readily available get chosen over those who don't. I remember this one rogue who used to show up in front of BWL every night waving to us as we went in...just hoping to get an invite. That dude was bad @ss. I kind of did the same. I let the class lead know I was ready and available in front of ssc... even though he was unsure if I'd have a spot.

Anyhow, we downed everything but Lady Vashj. I'm not sure if I'll get the invite tomorrow when they attempt her for the first time, but I read up on the strategy just in case. I also watched this really impressive video of the fight.

Holy cow, she looks like an amazing fight.


check out that video. I was really impressed with the level of production. The chick who made it did a really kick @ss job. Also, she uses the same music from the GM exploration movie I love.


Mercot said...

That site is awesome. I'm always downloading the free stuff, since it's the only way I'll ever see those raids (and I'm fine with just observing :)
I just wish we could get better resolution to see some damage numbers and raid warnings.
That GM video is sweet. Have you seen the updated BC one with Black Temple and Tempest Keep? He's got the Night Elf walking around in T6 and knocking down Archimonde in Hyjal.

wowcast said...

wow... i haven't seen that one!
now i must go search for it.

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