Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holy Paladin pwns Face

I was dueling in IF yesterday. I saw this amazing Holy Paladin who was smoking bodies left and right. His 5v5 is already like 2033 so of course he's a pvp bad @ss.

He'd open up Seal of Righteousness which unleashes the seal's energy causing 208 to 228 base Holy Damage + bonus spell damage....which usually equals 900 for him...non crit.

Then he consecrated and holy shocked and continued to heal himself in between.

I even saw him beat a hunter...although the hunter was suspect since I wasn't sure why he didn't drop a snake trap before he hit him with viper sting... to make purging possibly harder....

Anyhow..I'm now trying to practice the art of holy shockadin. It's always so much fun when a healer eats dps face. I know this probably wouldn't work against caster dps as much..but it seemed viable against warrior, hunters, and rogues who don't know how to set up a decent stun cycle. I don't think it works against mace spec warrior either because of the amount of stuns they proc...but who knows.


Street Chief said...

2062 /flex :)

Thanks for your advice Alachia, it really helped! Hope to see you in the arena, FTH!

wowcast said...

ah yeah!!! tes awesome uber shoulders! gratz!

SuzanneStavely said...

I am a lvl 80 Holy Pally and there is not a class who can beat me 1v1 as of yet including DK's and Ret pallys. Holy is awesome in pvp if you know how to play your character. The only toon who gives me a fair battle is an assination rogue.

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