Tuesday, January 29, 2008


(awesome rare pet that drops in Zul'Aman. /kiss the pet and you turn in a frog yourself and he whispers something to you as well.. like "froggy style")

So this past week I played a ton of wow...I know, I know...it's all relative..BUT relative to what I had been playing...oye

I have been alternating between the druid and shaman. If Taint and Sad are on at the same time, I level the shamans with them. Otherwise, I have been leveling my druid with Felix's help. I think I have been making excellent time on both characters. I have almost every quest memorized and have mapped out (or tried to) the most efficient path for questing.

Also, we did our usual Karazhan raid on Friday (down to 2.5 hr clear). And Saturday we progressed in ZA downing Jan'alai and getting Malacrass down to 15%. I will say that the Jan'alai fight is amazingly fun. Just when you write off pve fights, Blizzard throws in a gold star.

Here's the video of the fight... it's hella fun.

Kudos to you who noticed those almost 8k holy lights that guy was healing for. hehe.

I'm still trying to get into more Lady Vashj attempts with the raiding guild. I noticed they recently kicked more of their regular healers off the team so maybe I have a good chance this week with raiding. We'll see. Not sure if I want 5 straight days of raiding. lol.

Also on the side, I try to do as many Daily quests as I can stand. My favorites by far are the cooking quests since they're so easy. A lot of people love the Simon Says quest in Blade's Edge Mountain but it makes me feel like a lab rat so I often take a pass on it! hehe.

I better slow down this week so I can get out the next episode. :)


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