Saturday, January 05, 2008

That Mace was Mine

[Vengeful Gladiator's Salvation]

That bad boy should be mine!!! I sometimes think the Blizzard gods like to play little games with their minions. We were like 20 points away from my 1850 personal rating this week when Boulderfist crashed and burned during our 5v5 Arena games. You know what happens when one team drops because their server crashes and the other team doesn't??? yeah... that's right. SOL.

We lost 18 points because of the first dropped game. The second game, all those who went to pick up food from the mage table lagged out. So all we had left was our warrior and a rogue. And guess what? They freaking dropped the other team's rogue with three of us missing! We lost 15 points from that team.

We met up with them again later that night and creamed um...but it pretty much started a downfall pattern...that we finally recovered from gaining close to 50 points before the night was over...soooo close!! so close!!! Boulderfist sucks!!! worst server ever. It's the first to go down...last to come up...with horrible lag issues. Who the hell picked this server? oh yeah.. me. ;(


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