Monday, January 28, 2008

Totem Management

On my shaman, I noticed I have an insane amount of totems. Not only that but managing the totems while always on the go was quite annoying. It kind of made me a little peturbed...especially since I'm the resto shammy and have the most mana to throw down totems. I'm the totem manager. lol.

Anyhow, I finally discovered a really excellent mod for dealing with the drudgery of totem management. It's called TotemTimers Mod. It's awesome.

No only does it set up an easy totem buff counter, it also will time shammy shields and weapon buffs like windfury or rockbiter..etc. My favorite though is that it automatically creates a macro for you that sets up a castsequence for all your totems. Translation...1 button instead of 4 on your bar. Looooving it!

Maybe there is salvation for this class yet!


Neil said...

I've only ever gotten my Shaman alt to his mid-30s, but the sheer vareity of totems was staggering even then. Maybe I went a little overboard with making sure all my options were available to me even though I only regularly used 4 ~ 6 of the same totems. But I would reserve an entire bar or two just to hold the different totems I can catch. It can get a little over whelming. Especially when you're not set up for a pull and have to hurredly click on your totems while trying to keep your tank up. Fun times!

- Neil

Anonymous said...

You will find that as you get your Shammy up in lvl's you will be using the same totems over and over and over again. I have a Dran Shammy that is in his mid 60's now and I set up my action bars for my solo totems, another bar for a heavy magic group and a last bar for a heavy dps group. It took me a while to figure out that a Shammy is a middle of the road sort of toon where you are there to make all the others work and look better. If for some reason you are the main healer or DPS, then I seemed to use my solo bar for that. Figure if it got me this far, should work good in the group.
Mana, Health and Wind Totem (the agility one... name slips my mind right now) are the BIG 3 I think you will pretty much always be using. Your fire totem is really up to you and your group.

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