Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Down Rank Heals Nurfed!

In the great words of Homer Simpson, "DOH! it just gets worse and worse!"

Nurfing Down Ranking? Seriously, that was the most fun I had with my druid. Sure, I can see how down ranking can be abused. I mean, it's how they 4 man onyxia. But tell me out of all the people you've raided with, how many freaking learn2downrank? In my experience, not many. Hell, I never have seen it get abused at all. It made healing fun and a little bit interesting as a druid...which.. healing..sheesh....give us something! Being efficient was something that gave a lot of us an edge and made the class more compelling. It meant that druids that weren't necessarily resto could keep up and it make the dynamic between the main healer and support healers a little more dynamic. tshhh.. good thing i'm rolling a priest.

anyhow, healbots FTW!

WoW Forums -> Change to Coefficient Bonuses on Spells

In the Burning Crusade, we’ve decided to make a fundamental change to the way spells calculate the bonus they receive from +healing and +spell damage effects and items. This is because we have seen a growing trend in using “downranking” and large amounts of +healing items, which we feel negatively impacts game balance. Downranking involves high-level players using lower level spell ranks and +healing gear to conserve mana, but maintain a high rate of healing done. Through this method, it has become possible in the live game for healing characters to heal large amounts of damage indefinitely without running out of mana. To maintain progression of use through spell ranks, we are changing how lower ranked spells relate to characters of higher level.

Spells will now receive a smaller bonus from +healing and +spell damage based on a comparison of the level at which the spell was learned and the caster’s current level. Take the Priest spell Heal 2 as an example:

The spell is learned at level 22, and the base points for healing on the spell keep increasing until level 27. So, level 27 is considered the spell’s max level in our calculation.

This system gives an additional 6 levels of slack before applying any penalty to casting Heal 2; so, players up to level 33 can cast it with no penalty.

In this example, we will use level 34 (one level past the cast level of the spell) as a starting point.

The bonus from +healing is multiplied by this ratio:

((spell level)+6)/(player level)

That means the level 34 player only gets 97% of the normal bonus from +healing items when casting Heal 2. A level 60 player would only get 55% of the bonus, while a level 70 would get 47%.

The exact same system will also apply to damage spells. However, as healing classes tend to use downranking more often than others, healers are likely to see more effect from this change than other classes. As a general rule, players will be able to use the top 2 or 3 ranks of each spell before receiving any penalty. All of the existing ratios for the +healing and +spell damage bonuses on spells are also still in effect; so spells with a short casting time will continue to receive a smaller bonus than spells with a longer casting time. Spells learned below level 20 will still receive substantially smaller bonuses.


Legault said...

When is the next podcast episode coming out?

Alachia said...

after i'm done gaming. :D

I was hoping this week but ever since I installed BF2142 on my machine...its been pwning my time.

is it just me or does it feel like the WOW BC expansion release delay has turned WoW into complete anarchy cuz no one know wtf to do.

Legault said...

I'm lvl 39 and a half, and I want my mount freaking bad! But I can't play right now.

Anonymous said...

They needed to do this but not to this degree. And the UI nerf was just to much....

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