Thursday, October 12, 2006

MySpace WoWcast

Parenting yourself sucks. Last night after the ZG run, we kind of finished early (we split the instance over two days). No tome of Turtle Polyomrph :(

so afterwards, I went with Felixx and Boozefort and Maebee to run Undead. Booze still needs his valor pants. but he's had as much luck as i have with my turtle book. lol.

it's so wild running that instance now after having struggled so much in it in the past...i'm recalling my 3 hour bugged out run fom Episode 5, Live from Undead...and now we slice through that instance like butter. We almost had the thing in 30 mins with 4 people and that includes a detour to try and get me the flute. FYI, devout skirt fell. BOOOO.

So I was super tired last night and was thinking I'd go to bed as soon as we finished. But then as I was about to log off, I checked my e-mail and saw someone added me as a friend to their myspace account.

I've always said that MySpace was the first time I felt a generational gap. Those pages are just sensory overload and hella hard to navigate cuz of all the flashing vids and gifs and 10 bazillion friends commenting at random. But I had created an account a few weeks ago to reserve the wowcast name.

So I spent like a few hours researching myspace accounts and div overlays...including watching like a billion videos along the way. I was able to make my Myspace look a lot simpler by the end of the night but it still needs a lot of work. At the end of the night, I was like "Why am I doing this??? and You're going to pay for this in the morning big time!"

Staying up till 4am --->>> <<<-------

update: 10/17/06, thanks KaiZen for helping me figure out the problem with the +add friends function. you kick ass! I <3 Smart People! I think the add friend feature should now work on the site!


Anonymous said...

Too bad I can't view myspace from work, but hopefully once I get home I'll add you as a friend as's been a while since we talked via e-mail...hope all is well in and out of wow.


wowcast said...

jason the shammy? if so, please e-mail me. :D

frostshock! you suck.

Anonymous said...

Yup, jason the shammy...well I haven't played that shammy in FOREVER...I'm on to a Paladin..

Bubble ftw!


Maclort said...

Switcher! hehe wish i had the URL to that vid

Rich said...

Tried adding you as a myspace friend but I keep getting an invalid username error. Anyway, I really enjoy listening to your podcasts.


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