Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They Hate Me

lol. So I noticed my site is being referenced to by
WoW - Recommended Servers - Fires of Heaven Guild Message Board

so i go check it out to see what the thread is about. holy shit. those dudes hate my guts. what did they say?
let me sum it up to you. "duh, you total noob twat, mmos are addictive, shut your fucking whining and face up to your addicition and get a life"

wow. okay. first, i have recieved a lot of criticism for what i do and my episodes and where i'm going with the podcast. free media. my right to podcast shit if i want. second, it's hard to take criticism seriously from people who have time to post in an MMO forum. yeah, like i'll take addiciton advice from addicts.

second, what's up with EQ elitists? like none of us are allowed to experience MMOs for the first time, to discover them, to appreciate the evolution of MMOs? I appreciate EQ. I love to chat with Starman about his experiences back in the EQ days. I have total respect for the game that revolutionized main stream mmo games.

but damn, cut me some slack peeps.

that's it. i'm going to buy B2142 today after work!

mmos are for sissies! lol. haterz.


Anonymous said...

Just consider their maturity level and ignore them Alachia. Your podcast is awesome and don't let the thoughts of a bunch of close minded idiots get to you.

-Annora, 60 Paladin of The Knights Who Say Ni on Icecrown

Anonymous said...

Why does that sound so much like the Counter Strike community. "Lollerskates nub, i @ve mein T3 sets on 8 charactorz in 12 dayz. Ph34r"

What makes me laugh the most is how generally their basis of opinion sounds something like "OMG, is that what she's like?" God forbid they use their own initiative and listen.

But wait, that would require them to use what little brain cells the 1337 have from the EverWhat? days.

It's a place like that, which reminds me how young the internet really is.

But hey, like I've always kept in mind; unless they've walked your path their opinion means very little.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annora Alachia. Obviously the majority of the flamers are simply 1-dimensional gamers, who can't appreciate the fact that the WoW world caters to everyone, including those who enjoy the subtler aspects of the game. You've been there, done that in most all aspects, and I think you have every right to look at the game from your own perspective, as they will look at it from theirs. Your doing an awesome job, and providing us a look at WoW in a way we may never have thought of. Thanks for your time and effort Alachia.

60 Paladin
Synister Yet Noble
Malorne Server

Matt Tan said...

I have a question... are you hot? lol.

It's one thing to critically disagree with someone's point of view and quite another to make personal attacks.

They are able to do and say what they like because there is little or no repercussion for their actions.

It also helps that they are among friends and peer pressure can be a beatch.

Such people are more prevalent on the internet than on the streets and I don't like them. This will not be the last time and you'll need to develop thick skin.

But you already knew that.

Anonymous said...

B2142 contains spyware. Just to let you guys know.

Alachia said...

thanks. appreciate the comments.
and you're right. i knew from the start after my first couple of flames that i would have to develop thick skin to continue to have motivation to do the podcast. plus, they have every right to express their own personal opinions about me. people have all the right in the world to not like me and say so.

what i think raised the hairs on the back of my neck is how they degraded me purely on my sex in some cases.

and to make it worse. when i went to go buy Battlefield 2142 today after work. i asked the guy at best buy if there were any copies available and he looked at me strange and was like "huh? is this for you?" and i was like "yeah". turns out it's not released until tomorrow which is a good thing because i somehow have to aquire some male dna to purchase it. lol!


LOL. and no. i am not hot. i weigh 650 pounds and have cankles and all my teeth fell out when i was like 5 and for some reason i was born with a third eye in the middle of my forehead. :D like it matters.

Alachia said...

odd though that they assume i quit cykos out of revenge.

it actually had nothing to do with loot. the loot commentary from episode 16 was just an observation i made after the fall out from other people.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, we love you, teeth or no teeth :)

Keep up the great work - there are those of us who enjoy and appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


Well anyways keep up the good work. I don't care if you started talking about pixel shading and how to walk in WoW i would still listen :P

Anonymous said...

As Alachia and I have spoken about, her insights on the game are a different take on it than what most people have. The funny thing is that Alachia gets shit on for appreciating the "little things" in the game, the things that real people, artists and developers, put in the game to make it more inviting. These same assholes would probably not play WoW if it were as blocky and crappy as Anarchy Online.


Anonymous said...

I think cankles are quite attractive actually.

Part of the "fun" of stepping out there in the public and doing your own thing is the likelihood that you will be hated for doing so.

Meh. Podcast on. The negative feedback only gets you more listeners in the end. I always love it when they hate us, because people can't resist listening to hear how bad it's going to be, and then we get another convert.

btw - hate ur show lolz - ur such a grrrl noob

Alachia said...


hmmmm, eloy.. werne't you also into female trolls and their tusks?

maybe we should just start a hate war between all the casts :D

lolz. you can take that beer mug and shove it up your noob @ss!

Maclort said...

I've got a cankle fetish, so yay me!
Anyway Alachia you dont need me to say how much I admire your work, you are bound to know by now you have hundreds of people who look up to you (yeh even thought you are female).
There are people out there that because of their own problems will look at someone and point and yell things simply to remove any possibility that people would look at the yeller and say things like:
'You know what? That is just a sad 25 year old with the mental capacity of a teenager and enough emotional baggage to weigh down two planes.'

It took courage to say what you thought, and you keep doing it.
You say things as how you see them regardless of how others may disagree, because this is WoWCast. And thats why I listen.

/thumbs up
Just always know if it comes to if. Your fans and friends outnumber those people.
Also notice how they then turned to physical appearance – and I can bet that no matter how gorgeous your cankles are, they would have criticised. They were aiming for anything to insult you with, acting like such children.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have been away on vacation for a week and I come back to a whole BUNCH of new blog entries...I love it..anyhow, don't let those idiots bring you down, we all pay to play and we're all allowed to experience the game how we want to, don't let them turn it into a "cookie cutter" experience for you.

Keep up the great work and I'm sorry about your teeth...lol.


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity. You have at least one more appreciative reader/listener because of that FoH thread. I look forward to your next podcast, Alachia.

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