Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend without WoW

I took Friday off to go to a John Mayer concert with Tai (Taint) and my friend Ren.
We took off Friday to drive home which is only 1.5 hours away from the concert as opposed to 4 hours away from Austin. Plus, it was our mom's birthday so we were basically killing two birds with one stone.

Anyhow Thurday night I normally would have been raiding ZG or AQ with JAE but I spent 4.5 hours driving home with Tai. We got in around 11:30pm I think. I thought maybe I'd watch a movie once we got home but I had just spent the last hour arguing with Tai in the car about my commitment to gaming...especially FPS games. So I just went to bed. I ended up dreaming that I was caught in a jungle trying to cross enemy lines without so much as a knife in my hands. Bizarre.

Friday I sleep in of course and wake up, shower, and start watching cable tv. It's like having your brain sucked out of your through a straw, I swear.
100 something channels and the best thing I can find is some show called Made on MTV. I watched this one episode where this girl wants to get MADE into a girly girl (she starts out as this nice tom boy). After all is said and done, to become a girly girl, she has to wear make up, learn how to eat, ditch her brother during lunch, hang out with more popular girls, learn how to flirt with boys, blow one dude off who invites her to the prom for some other dude she thinks is hotter. Basically she has to become a bitch to become a girly girl. And I'm thinking in my head...hmmmm. That's like using a small progression guild to gear up and then applying to a hardcore progression guild. Bitch! Lol.

The John Mayer concert was awesome. First RL thing I've done in a long time that was fun and enjoyable. I kept hoping he'd play Stop this Train, my favorite song from his newest album Continuum....but he didn't. Still an awesome performance.

Saturday was pretty much the same. I woke up, stared at the tv for a few hours, ate lunch, went shopping for my mother's b-day present, stared at the tv for a few more hours, ate dinner, stared at the tv for a few more hours, ate cake and gave my mom her pressies, then stared at the tv for a few more hours. I kept thinking... Man, it must be super late...but by the time I went to sleep, it was 11:30pm!!!! Super early. I usually never hit the sack till 1:30am at the earliest.

Sunday was the same except for the drive back to Austin. Got home, watered the lawn, put away my clothes, went grocery shopping, ate dinner, took a shower, then hopped onto WoW.

Is life without WoW do-able? Yes. Did I handle it fine? Yes.
But I would have to say time moves a lot slower in RL. And I felt more sluggish and lackluster. By the time I logged on again Sunday night, it felt really good to be slammed with the sensory overload of WoW. And my brain turned back on.


Maclort said...

I sympathise for your weekend of lackness. (Yeah i just made a new word - yay me)
And i really know how you feel, since going to uni and moving into my own place in Halls (which is so much fun) but no internet access. It's been a month nearly and the best ive got is the campaign of Warcraft3 or gaming with a friend on a LAN.
I travel home each weekend just so i can log in and get some gaming in but its driving me nuts.
My guild is on the borderline to starting ZG and i want to be there with them! But i will not have internet for at least another month and im determined not to travel home each weekend just to play a game.
So the odd time that i do get internet (in class) i usually check for new podcasts to download or check your blog to 'fill my WoW quota'.
Anyway rant session ending...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back into the fold!


Legault said...

I lived a month without it! You adults are so lucky....I have to improve my grades to get it back.

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