Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charter Flight to Ice Crown

Now that I'm not obligated to do dailies out in Storm Peaks for Sons of Hodir rep anymore, I'm free to fly about the country. My favorite place is still Scholozar Basin at the moment but for awhile it was Ice Crown. I love doing the flying dailies and of course my favorite daily, King of the Mountain, is out there.

It's really not that far out to get it Ice Crown from Dalaran but Flipmax showed me this neat trick for being lazy if you want to head out in that direction. Go to the landing pad of Dalaran and speak to Officer Van Rossem if you're alliance. He'll charter you a plane right there to the Alliance air ship. I believe there's a similar guy for the horde on the other side of the platform. I just like it because it gives me another opportunity to ride in a plane. hehe.


Blodwin said...

Even better - the mage in that area will get you a fast flight to Sholazar Basin.

wowcast said...

shit, seriously? now I gotta go check that out!

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