Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flying Dragon Game of Suck

So we were talking in Bindpoint the other night about great quotes from forums and Master Phayte had the best one by far. It was in regards to these siege weapon type battles now included in progression raiding.

"If I wanted to play The Flying Dragon Game of Suck, I would have bought The Flying Dragon Game of Suck. I want to play my priest."

Seriously, whoever posted that. AMEN. You ROCK.

And I love a good dragon ride, for sure. It's fun to be able to fly around on them and use them to nuke down things. However, the mechanics of these dragons have nothing to do with skill and nothing to do with any character stats you have spent a TON of progression getting. You can be NAKED and still pwn or suck on these things.

This is all good and well if it weren't for the fact that these Flying Dragon Games of Suck or two of the largest hurdles in Heroic Titles and Achievements which I DO consider as part of progression these days.

I am definitely dismayed that Ulduar is already boasting more of these encounters. And while it'd be great if these were just part of small dungeons and not required for specific achievements, I'd feel they'd find their place in World of Warcraft more welcomed.

I might of course change my mind when they put me in a mech warrior suit one day. hehehe.

By the way, tonight we were off our 6 minute Malygos attempt by 7 seconds and yes, that did suck considering that was our best attempt and we had given it 28 attempts. We were always off by seconds. Things did start to get better towards the end when we went with 8 dps, 1 tank, and 1 healer (holy priest). I went elemental and then healed after vortex and phase 2. I have no doubt if we had 2 more attempts, we would have nailed it.

On a positive note, during our many botched attempts, we were all able to pick up [Denyin' the Scion]! It was fun getting to surf on those discs!


NerdNinjaMan said...

At least the vehicles in Ulduar will actually be based on your character stats.

Holy paladin said...

Oop nerdninjaman beat me to that comment

but Malygos dragon UI is actually kinda fun. It is way better than Gorefiend in TBC

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