Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who's the Real Fool?

Saturday I spent all day staring at guards and NPCs watching my Adoration debuff timer go off so I could insert my next love token. Soooo tedious and sooo boring. The worst holiday achievement ever....or so I thought. Apparently the Noble Garden one is going to be quite the suck as well. RNG easter eggs. yay! Looking forward to that.

It took me four bags of candy but I finally got the last piece of candy I needed to get "I'll follow you all around Azeroth"...the rarest candy piece for me. I got about a billion "You're Mine" candies. I never got the Lovely Black Dress or the Peedlefeet pet but I guess that's a given knowing how my luck tends to run. At least I got my Love Fool title and I guess they give you the title of "fool" for a reason. lol.


JohnHenry said...

Gratz. I never did get the pet =(

Weave said...

I got the pet on my bank alt. :-(

And a few of my alts got the black dress -- twice.

Yeah, I basically just cycled through 8 alts once an hour. Not sure why -- I was just zoned out.

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