Thursday, February 05, 2009


Tonight jae got to attempt Malygos for the first time and we downed him after the 4 full tries. It was great. It's always awesome to clear content but even nicer when you can do it in the time frame you plan.

We only had two bosses left from Naxx from Tuesday's raid and we were lucky and one shot Saph and KT in Naxx and moved on to Obsidian Sanctum. I made a bad wave call though and so we actually wiped once but quickly rezzed and downed him. I can't wait to start doing Drake attempts with him. Those are so much fun.

We had about an hour before raid end to attempt Malygos. What's great about raiding with the type of people we have in our guild is that they're extremely smart. They pick up things very quickly and can adapt well. That was one of my largest frustrations with raiding with a sister guild. There was never anything I could do about people who just never learned or didn't care.

I'm mostly just excited to be raiding as a guild. Ever since we were doing 15 man Zul'Grub runs in TBC, I've always wanted to see the full potential of a full raid. hehe. I guess I'm quite grateful to WoTLK to afford us the ability to start raiding together.

I especially like the fact that I can run a 10 man group through first and learn the fights so that it's easier to figure out the 25 mans. Normally, I'd have to post strats so we could all figure it out as we go. With the 10 man preview, I'm more aware of what needs to happen which is nice. It takes the edge off the anxiety of not knowing.

For the Malygos fight though, it was the first time I'd ever had a DK in the raid to deathgrip the Power Sparks to us during phase 1. It was really nice. It's always great to have some OP in your pocket. lol.

Here's the info I put in my guild forums for the fight, I thought I'd share:
Phase 1:
*Nuke Malygos
*Collect Sparks that float into the platform and kill on top of raid. Never let a spark reach the boss
*Death Knights!!!! please be able to:
/tar Power spark
/cast Death Grip
*Vortex throws everyone in the air. Insta heals only apply during the vortex until everyone lands. Repeat NUKE, Spark Grab, and Vortex until Phase 2

*Malygos goes into the air and two sets of adds are released
*Nexus Lords are on the ground, Scions are on platforms floating above
*Tanks and Spank Nexus Lords then nuke down Scions
*When Scions fall, their floating discs may be used by a raid member, we will assign an order for the discs

Phase 3:
* Cluster together near the tank at all times.
* Keep your macros going (aka combo points before burst)
* When Malygos casts his gaze on you, you can /cast Flame Shield however with our clumping strat we might get away with no shields. (to be tested) You have time to build two combo points and cast shield before he hits you.
* When the tank calls movement away from arcane ball, you can use /cast blazing speed to catch up (we will always move in a counter clockwise direction)

--- DPS ---
/tar mal
/castsequence reset=target Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Engulf in Flames

--- Healing ---
/tar pet
/castsequence [target=pet] Revivify, Revivify, Life Burst

Video of 25man Malygos: PLEASE WATCH if you haven't done this fight before

Practice Phase3:
You can practice phase 3 of the Malygos fight by doing the daily quest in Coldarra called [Aces High]
This is highly, highly recommended for anyone who has not attempted phase 3 of this fight before. If everyone can master this phase, Malygos will go down easily.


Phayte said...

Congrats! Malygos is a fun fight.

nofax1 said...

you should also mention when you are in the dps part of phase 1 you should make every attempt to stack two sparks on top of each other for a bigger damage bonus. it used to stack multiple times but since the patch it only stacks to 2.

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