Thursday, February 12, 2009

Godzilla Backlash

I sort of knew in the back of my mind that posting that vent conversation would stir some controversy. And yes, I have enough self-awareness to know that it is probably morally wrong to record someone and post without their permission.

I'd like to clarify that I had ZERO intention of using this episode to get back at him. I had no intention of using this episode to make fun of him although I surely had every opportunity. I may have come across as harsh by calling him mentally unstable but I HONESTLY believe he is.

For those of you who came away thinking that he's this innocent, lonely guy who just is trying to find acceptance and attention... this guy wasn't crushing on me in any sense at all. He has carried on conversations like this with a multitude of people on the server, especially guild leaders etc trying to wiggle his way into a space he can slowly implode later on.

His examples and outright lies to me were in hopes to have me buy into his drama which I don't because the only drama I can seriously deal with is my own guild drama. I have no time or care for stuff that goes on outside of jae.

And there is a lot of flaming, hating, and loathing that does go on in my server from other competing raiding guilds. There's slim pickings on my server for mature, dedicated raiders so you can imagine the bullying and stealing that goes on from raid guild to raid guild. I believe that's where a lot of the hatred stems from.

What he was trying to do for nearly an hour was to get me to buy into that. He either wanted me to come out hating him or sympathizing with him but I remained indifferent. I wasn't indifferent out of spite either but that I TRULY don't care about what happens on the outside of my guild. It wasn't even personal.

Then why publish an episode about him? It wasn't supposed to be about him as much as it was to vocalize the absurdity with which most guild leaders and the MAJORITY of pvp, alliance guilds have to deal with on a regular basis.

He's just one of the most extreme cases although most servers have a Godzilla. He's actually listed on a Gamespot forum as one of the most infamous people on my server. He can actually be googled with an overwhelming amount of posts about the type of harassment he offers to the general server as well as specific personal offenses.

I personally didn't recall when I made the episode about "why people hate him"...but after the episode aired, I logged onto my server and got a flood of whispers

People on my server thanking me for putting out the episode and others telling me their personal Godzilla horror story. He was even more infamous apparently than I even thought he was. It's only now that I'm coming to the full realization how he treated fellow wow players. And yes, most of these people say they can even offer up screenshots of their accusation. I could publish them here as proof but I won't. The point is moot.

He's not some typical, akward nerd who was crushing on me and I smashed him into obvlivion just for my own amusement. (my response to the email comment: It's like when the pretty cheerleader gets some embarrassing secret love letter from the fat dorky kid in school, and rather than ignoring it she goes and reads it to all the other kids at their lunch table so everyone can point and laugh.)

BUT I think people who don't know the reality of Godzilla have every right to think that. And perhaps I should have put things more in context in the episode. While we were raiding with cykos, I was always kind to him. I always listened to his concerns no matter how bizzare because I did want him to be settled as I want all raiders. When he first came to me with the accusations that my guildies were berrating him, I took it seriously. Even without proof, I told my guildmates to NOT engage him for any reason at all. If they had any concerns, they should go through me.

So am I sorry I published this. Sort of. I should have actually asked him for his permission first. I'm sure he would have given it to me actually. He's infamous for a reason. And if he does come across it and confronts me and wants me to take it down, I will. I'm actually considering taking to down now just because I know it's circulating on my server like crazy.


JohnHenry said...

Man, listening to that guy go on and on. You truly have patience. While he was talking, all I could think about was this guy

Dustin said...

Oh My GOD Alachia. I still had that Podcast Saved when I saw this post and figured I had to hear this. I just couldn't stop yelling "Shut The F*ck UP!" at my iPod throughout it. You don't have to listen to those types of people, please I fear for your brain and it's incoming stroke!

Random Static said...

Holy Bananas...

I had intended to catch up all the way on Wowcast before commenting..

This guy was scary, and I don't know him beyond the recording.

The cherry on the top was when he asked if your guild was recruiting.. AFTER complaining about "someone" messing with him.

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