Friday, February 13, 2009

Episode 42 back up

(with Godzilla's approval)

After my last post, I took down Episode 42 and put this note up on the Episode page: This Episode has been removed due to the ethical controversy of its nature. It shall forever be known as the LOST episode.

But soon after taking it down and right as I was about to start recording a "explanation filler mp3 to replace the full episode", I logged into the game for my hourly trip to get adored (Love is in the Air Achievement task) and got messaged by Godzilla.

Apparently he thought the whole episode was funny and he wanted me to keep it up. The screenshot I posted here is the 2nd out of the 3rd time he said he wanted me to put it back up. I had to ask him several times to assure myself that he meant it and wasn't just saying it.

We talked about the the nature of the episode but mostly it was me being frank to him about his mental instability. He claims I'm mistaking insanity for severely traumatized but I told him I was still 50/50 on the probability of his stories. Possible yes, Probable dunno. No one but he will really know the truth.

I asked him why he thought he was associated with so much drama but he sort of laughed and said he didn't know. He doesn't seem to mind beratement and says he can handle all sort of grief just fine. I forgot to ask him if he really felt that way then why he bothered coming to me at all about his issues with my guild. I guess to let me know my flock had strayed?

Regarding that issue, he said he hadn't had any issues with us since that conversation. So I guess that's good..wether it was a reality or not I'm glad it's no longer plaguing him.

I don't think I'll ever know him well enough to say if he or I was right. I'm glad I took the episode down and I'm glad he gave me permission to put it back up. I added a small blip to the end of the episode to clarify for future listens that I did receive his permission to relaunch the episode.

Mr. Infamy is back.


ben said...

I think this whole process was really interesting to say the least.
if you could go back in time would you still have uploaded ep 42 after all of this?
how well known on your server are you for being a blogger and podcaster?
do you think there will be any influx of listeners?
love the show, keep it up!

Mercot said...

Very interesting conversation. This is one of the odd phenomenons in WoW (or with any other voice chat, I guess) that you just can't explain to someone who hasn't had the pleasure of awkward vent conversations.
No offense to all the Godzillas out there, but I find these guys fascinating to listen to if their attention is directed elsewhere, but if it's just them and me alone in the channel, it can get uncomfortable. I really think they just want someone to talk to.
And I love that you heard different stories about his voice. "D'you wanna know how I got these scars?"

Dustin said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with him wanting attention and being "drama fiend." Now unsurprisingly he wants the episode starring him and his whining back up for all to see.

Andrew said...

I also found this podcast very interesting and hilarious at the same time. Not only did I hear another story to mask the reason for his jokeresque voice, but also his interpretation of our little argument! Keep these up, though I do not believe I've had the pleasure,


wowcast said...

@ben, I had not intention of my server finding out about his podcast. I honestly thought I would remain unknown as I have and as my podcast has for nearly 4 years now.

I did not anticipate for it to get out and spread as it did and had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have released the episode.

I think there might be an influx of listeners to that particular episode just from my server but then they'll move on and it'll blow over.

That's my hope :D

Juan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juan said...

Funny, I never gave permission at all to upload this...
I find it abominable that someone would not only post something obnoxious about them behind their back, but to lie about it to justify it by saying they said things they did not. To me, the lie is stooping lower than the actual podcast did...

Dustin said...

"Funny, I never gave permission at all to upload this...
I find it abominable that someone would not only post something obnoxious about them behind their back, but to lie about it to justify it by saying they said things they did not. To me, the lie is stooping lower than the actual podcast did...

Thank god you're here....Shut up. See ya.

Dizzy said...

That's pretty crappy. You told people he approved of it when he really didn't? That's even less ethical than putting it up in the first place.

Jessthebest said...

Wow, you are an absolute jerk. Do you seriously need to lie just to get good content up?

DonWiggles said...

lol, there are rumors going around that you edited some screenshots so you wouldn't have to take down the podcast. If that is true, than that is pretty selfish.

Dustin said...

Dizzy, Jess, Don.

Can't help but notice you all created your accounts THIS MONTH. See all I have to do is click on your names, and it's pretty frigging obvious this is BS. It's also kinda obvious when you just decide which person posting on the internet to believe. Good try though go to hell.

Murchadha said...

Are you sure this guy isn't some sort of a WoW performance artist? Even before he got to "some people think I sound like the joker" or "D'you wanna know how I got this voice", I thought he was doing an impression of Heath Ledger's Joker.

Since he's well know on the server for being a Richard, I guess he stays in character 24/7. At least on vent.

Lea said...

Just listened to this podcast... one of the most bizarre things I've ever heard. Definitely something you couldn't explain the weirdness of unless they heard it first person.

"I had a girlfriend once.... before that I sounded like Sea Connery".... I about fell out of my chair.

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