Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sgt. First Class Druid

Sad just got back from a base upstate helping to support the software training of their latest release in hopes to secure its success in being sent to the field. One of the guys there was in charge of training organization, testing the software and putting it through the ringer for the integration.

He was apparently a hardcore military looking guy. You know the type, rugged pure military looking bloke. He was a Sgt of some sort and was past the retirement age so he had to have been over 37. One of those who are dedicated to the service.

He was the LAST guy in the room Sad expected to play World of Warcraft. Turns out the guy was all into raiding and playing a feral druid. Crazy huh? It's always the people you least expect. Anyhow, after that they hit it off, he said it helped with him being more open to Sad's discussion about integration. So who knew WoW would help with some random associate in the army. lol.

Sgt. Druid, we salute you!


snape said...

it's so true. i've met at least 2 clients (i'm in the market data business - stock quotes, etc.) who also play wow or know people who do. and it has help lighten situations made talking with them about work easier.

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