Friday, February 06, 2009

Creepy Rogues

(T8 Models: Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, and Priest)

Most of the models of the Tier 8 class sets are kind of dull like the Death Knight and Hunter. The mages, once again, look retarded. I feel like like Blizzard will always and forever punish mages for their dps power with the silliest looking gear sets ever. Poor, poor mages. This time they get a glowing fishing lure strapped to their head. hahahah.

Rogue sets however, I'm looking forward to seeing on our one rogue in the guild. Their T8 model looks both freaky, creepy, and disturbing at the same time. It's soo cool. It's like a face on top of their head plate with only your toons eyes peaking out of the helm. And to top it off, their shoulders have skulls with glowing mouths opened on them and neat graphic holo-blades that slice across the shoulders from front to back. Not very stealthy and something I'd more expect to find on a DK or Warlock. It's quite interesting they decided to make the rogues look the most scary this time around. Of course, we haven't seen the lock, warrior, pally, or shammy set models yet either. Usually, nothing is more scarier than the pally Tier models. lol. Captain America anyone?

But whoever did the T8 Rogue set design and the Sons of Hodir, I want them to design the Shaman set. The sheer creepyness is awseome. Have you ever looked closely at the Sons of Hodir Titans? First, if you're flying around in that area, it'll seem like they're not that huge but if you actually stand next to them, you notice that they're f-ing gigantic (TWSS!). Check out their leg plates and you'll notice they have arrows sticking out of them, whole shield chained to their ankles, and skeletons on the bottom of their boots. The best part is their arms. Check it out! They have a polar bear strapped and tied to their arm! Not even a skinned polar bear but a whole f-ing polar bear!! It's awesome.


Cylena said...

I totally disagree. I think the Rogue T8 just looks silly. The random interval effect from the shoulders is kinda neat, and the art team has obviously been working on their glow effects, but the overall look is just not intimidating.

And Mages are being punished?! Madness. Those Kirin Tor helms are crazy-sweet!

I think the Warlock stuff looks cool (really neat helm).

The Priest set is really uninteresting to me... give me back my T6 hood of awesome with bondage girl shoulders!

nofax1 said...

you think that rogue is creepy? check this one out:

wowcast said...

lol. I guess I'm just disturbed in that I think it's cool to wear other body parts.

hello Clarice. *tongue sucking sound*

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