Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tivi tastes like Awesomesauce

Monday night we resumed getting everyone else their completion of [Glory of the Hero]. All three of them needed was something simple from Gun'Drak but Flipmax still needed the [Emerald Void] and the [Amber Void] which if you want to get on the same day, you have to defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos with everyone only on Bronze Drakes.

This is teh uber suckage! And it only took us 2 hours to finally decide to read the actual DPS mechanics of the damn Bronze Drake. We were doing our channeling and burst spells sooo wrong. It got to a point where we had channeling rifts and Shock Lance down to a science. And even to avoid vent lag, I called Taint over the phone to call out when to switch channeling.

The whole premise is to get those channels stacked and then burst at 10 and keep a full rotation of 10 at all times so you're hitting for 100k dmg. In the meantime, you have to approximate a 14 second counter to use Time Stop to prevent him from spawning whelps which will eat your group inside out.

On top of that, you have to do this in stages. It's not just straight fly up their and nuke. You have to run away when he goes transparent and run away from giant pink orbs that follow you before they explode. Then it's back to channeling calls and time stop rotations.

Easy enough aye? Well, in the mean time he's blowing big chunks of WTF breaths on you and at any given agro rotation, you might be less than 13% by the time phase 2 starts and there are NO HEALS.

Well we were going at this for like 3 hours or so and then Felix had to call it cuz his work schedule has him starting work at 6am. Ouch. And as luck would have it, our 6th man (well actually girl) logged in just at that time. We begged her to come and so she offered to help us out. We figured out the channeling rotations after that and had several really, really good attempts. About 40 minutes later though we were on our last leg.

We somehow get a great first phase! We nuke the boss down to like 50% before the orbs spawned. After he respawned, we had the most perfectly timed Time Stop and got our channel rotations going. However, just at that moment, he nuked down Taint and Flipmax! By this time we had him below 20%. Sad, myself, and Tivi were left as we headed into another round of orb explosions and we managed to survive those.

By this time though, the time stops were only being cast as soon as they came up from cooldown so we had whelps spawn. They ended up blowing out Sad when the boss was around 6%.

At 3%, the boss turned to me and his breath took my drake out too.
At this point it was just Tivi left and the boss had just a few stacks of the channel debuff left on him.
2%, I'm falling from the sky out of my drake
1%, we're all screaming "SHE CAN DO IT!"
By the time my body hits the platform, she finishes off the boss!!!

she then typed, "it was the m&ms"

So yeah, that fight is the suck and I am so glad I never have to do that encounter again. We had already done it once a few weeks ago and it took about 3 hrs to learn it the first time and another 3 hrs to get it this second time.

It ranks as the most annoying achievement out of the entire list if you decide to take the all Bronze Drake approach. We're just masochistic so it was only natural we'd find a way to torture ourselves.

Before we did those attempts, I actually stated, "Less Rabi was the worst, followed by this one, and the third being Watch Him Die" but by the end of the night the double Amber/Ember Void made it to rank number #1 Ultimate Suckage.


Holy paladin said...

Oooh grats! I am still working on this one. I need to do more heroics =)

Avernaith said...

We got the Emerald and Amber achievements at the same time by leaving me on the loot chest platform without a dragon, and the rest of the party on ruby drakes within healing range of me. The only dicey part was when they had to fly away during orbs but a simple loop brought them back to men usually unharmed. I imagine emerald or amber drakes could be used in the same way. Healidans FTW!

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