Monday, February 16, 2009

Twilight Torment

We got the [Dedicated Few] down this week which means we're down to 6 more achievements till we get of the Nightfall title for our 10 man crew.

The only two left that scare the living shit out of me are [You Don't Have an Eternity] as our fastest time so far has been 8 minutes to clear Malygos. Somehow we're going to have to shave off another two minutes.

BUT nothing "TORMENTS" my thoughts like [Twilight Zone] 10 man. Everything is totally doable until we get to [Twilight Torment] debuff ticking at the 3rd portal. Close to 2k dmg a tick so massive raid healing while also trying to keep the secondary tank up. bleh.... We're gonna have our disc priest respec holy for our next attempt to see if helps.

Another thing we noticed is that none of us has gotten the [Epic] Achievement which means there's still a lot of room for gear improvement. I definitely think we're getting closer but it's gonna take way more practice and a little bit more luck with gearing up.


Phayte said...

Pre-3.0.8 we would just let Twilight Torment go. But, since then, we've had to change our strat. Your dps has to kill both dragonkin dudes inside the portals. The damage is just too great otherwise. The fight ends up taking a little longer, but you get to win.

Avernaith said...

We just got our 'Twilight Vanquisher' titles and one drake mount last night (I missed the roll), the trick we used was having a void walker tank Sarth, a DK and protidan on adds, and a DK who switched from drake to drake as they landed. Myself, a healidan, on the two add tanks with BoL for shotgun heals, and another healidan on the Voidwalker both specced for the Divine Guardian prot talent which reduces all damage to raid members in 30 yard range. Pop one bubble as Torment begins, another 12 seconds later, it gets much easier to manage. The hardest part was getting the drakes down before the next one lands. I love your WoWCast btw, you really saved my gaming life some months back.

wowcast said...

@avernaith, dang I was afraid you were gonna say paladin. I need to get me some two for one healing. hehe. Thanks for the post.

I was wondering what dps avg out put your DPS were doing during the fight.

@phayte, does the portal only spawn twice? because every time we go in there and kill the acolyte, it just pops right back up again.

Avernaith said...

The top ten were at about 4k dps (2 retadins, 2 hunters, fury warrior, 2 mages, ele shammy, 2 rogues), the warlock's dps was pretty heavily gimped by running the voidwalker and keeping it up, not sure why the shadow priests (x2) were slacking though.

I cringe a little when you talk about your old pally, because iirc you played her as a healidan before switching to resto shammy. Don't worry, most people gave up on healidans when the new talents came out, and most of those who stayed went retribution with Wrath.

BTW - I love WoWcast and don't be afraid to talk more meta, your followers are prolly all into that. I know I dig it.

aka Taeralyn L80 Healidan, Sisters of Elune RP lol server US

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