Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I WoW

I had the pleasure of being invited to talk with Shawn and Patrick from HoW I WoW Podcast on V-day.

What was really interesting about it was finally getting to voice chat with someone I've been following on twitter for quite some time. @shawncoons and I had developed this completely twitter-based friendship over the past few months. We even had at one point talked about meeting up with his chainmail wearing wife (total inside twitter joke) at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

That's the completely amazing thing about meta relationships though, they don't require that huge a degree of your time to connect with other people and particularly, unique connections.

So as I was talking to them, I was definitely very nervous to be speaking with Patrick for the first time but for some reason I felt very easy speaking to Shawn. As if we were old friends and he was introducing me to this hip, new cool French friend he'd met. Seriously though, I found it extremely intriguing to sort of experience that dynamic between having a familiarity and connection with someone almost exclusively through twitter and a kodo mount dance incident in Bindpoint LOL vs. only voyeured knowledge of @notPatrick.

In any case, I was very pleased to have had the pleasure of talking to them both. And as podcaster myself, I kept wanting to turn the interview on them and ask them a boat load of questions but I had to keep myself in check. hehehe.

(one minor self correction: highest rating I ever got was 1995 not 1900. I remembered that while listening because I recall it was right before Season 3 started and we hit it the day before the Arenas reset! DOH!)

be sure to check out How I WoW at and subscribe to their podcast to listen for future episodes about how people wow. :D


Avernaith said...

I like How I WoW, they've had a bunch of really great guests on (including Brian Ibbott of Coverville). And Twitter is the total shiznit. I've been addicted since I finally signed up to better follow my horror podcasts.

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