Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glory of the Hero

Well second time was a charm. We didn't have any major hickups and were able to pick up more achievements for the other mage in our carass. No one spec'd healing but both the shadow priest and myself traded out during different boss fights. It worked out fine.
[Share the Love] didn't foil us again this time as we were sure not to pop treants or mirrors while nuking the boss down after we all had been impaled. The GM who told us tough-sh1t said that might be a reason why we didn't get credit the first time. Major BS poor achievement credit programming if you ask me. Who knows though, they probably added something like that in to avoid exploit??

[Make it Count] attmept was flawless. We straight up nuked every boss down in less that 40 seconds and didn't have any deaths during transitions or trash clears. By the time we got to The Flying Dragon Game of Suck, we had 12 minutes left so we had plenty of time to be careful to be sure to do it right. We went with two ruby drakes, one amber drake, and two emerald. It's one of the safest combinations of dragons to take. 

And while I really, really appreciate my [Red Proto-Drake] and am grateful we get that as an award, I'm a little confused as to why yo don't get a title of any sort. I mean you get a title for opening up candy and flying around picking up coins around Azeroth but you don't get a title for [Glory of the Hero]?? lol. Nice Blizzard, nice.

Tomorrow we're going to try and get the rest of our group the title. Three of them are still missing one or two of the random crap. 


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