Thursday, February 19, 2009

Undying Heartbreak

SOoooooooooooooooo close! We were just a few seconds away from getting [Undying]!
We had managed to stay alive as a raid not only through the Naxxramas bosses but even ALL of the trash. ZERO deaths.

When we finished Sapphiron, I was like, YES! We have this made! KT is a joke, we got this! We sooo got this! And after sitting upright at my computer super diligently for like 2hrs, I was sort of dancing in my seat with anticipation of that glorious DONG!!! achievement sound.

I even made myself stop poofing in and out of the Bindpoint channel so that I could concentrate on making sure there were no accidental mishaps. Okay okay.. I didn't make myself, my raid mentor Phayte made me do it but I listened! I was soo good! I even had my music turned off and my WoW sounds turned up. I was like on lock down!

Well so we get to Kel'Thuzad and are all set to finally pick up our Undying Achievement and knock our Glory of The Raider list down to 5 achievements. KT is one of the easiest bosses in Naxx IMO so I wasn't even worried at this point. We blew through phase 1 no problem. Phase 2 came along and we were picking up Frost Blasts and Blizzards no problem. Easysauce.

Then I look over to my right and see one of our dps get a Shadow Fissure spawn underneath him. (The fissure will stay inactive for about 3 seconds, after which it will become a beam of purple energy, instantly killing the player if they remain in it.) Just like with everyone in the raid, if I see someone not move in one second while they've got one underneath them, I call it out on vent for them to get out of it.

Well, I don't even really look back at him because he moves right away out of the Fissure to the back of it like we asked all the DPS to do. Only an instant later, I see a grey box appear appear on my grid! I had to sort of muffle my scream. lol. KT was at less than 20%!!!!!!

Apparently he had moved out of the circle but was just enough still on the graphic edge that it counted and he was insta-gibbed.

It was so heartbreaking. And we all knew he felt SOOOOO bad. The first thing he typed in raid chat after that was /shoots self in face. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him. GAH! oh well. Next week it is!


JohnHenry said... said glorious dong.

wowcast said...

LOL. Quite right. quite right.

Cylena said...

Yikes. We had a death like that a couple of weeks ago in our Naxx25 when someone noobed it up on Thaddius after we'd cleared the other three wings without any deaths at all. There was much gnashing of teeth and throwing of headsets :)

At least on a more celebratory note, earlier tonight we got The Dedicated Few (clear Naxx10 with 8 people) *and* The Undying on the same run.

Gogo next lockout timer!

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