Sunday, February 22, 2009

Less this and More of That

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays you just roll out of bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, grab a soda from the fridge, plop yourself in front of the computer, and just play WoW all day. It was great.

My group set off to knock out more of our Heroic Dungeon Achievements. I must admit it has take us a lot longer to complete than I thought it would although I think we've only dedicated 3 full days to it. A few of the achievements require you to get lucky with the bosses you get like in Heroic Violet Hold for [Lockdown!]. Another one that takes multiple days is the [Experienced Drake Rider] which requires you to have used each of the different mounts during the final boss.

The four left we had that I was a little concerned about out of all of them was [Volazj's Quick Demise], [Less-Rabi], [Share the Love], and [Make it Count].

We changed our make up a little for Saturday's attempts. We had Felix switch to boomkin instead of feral tank and had Sad stay Prot instead of going retadin. Since the other two dps is myself, elemental shammy, and Flipmax, frostfire mage, it made the msot sense to add a boomkin. It's really good synergy between the three, the mage benefiting the most of course. We also had Taint, disc priest, respec shadow and just put on healing gear during the tougher boss fights.

Because of this, Volazj ended up being pretty easy as we had the DPS to nuke the mother living sh1t out of him. I dropped healing stream to heal the group, popped heroism and we burned him down.

(the dps meters for our Volazj kill)

The reason the numbers are skewed so high is because of the short amount of burst time. It's the same reason some people show 5kdps even though they died right at the pull. Our normal numbers for heroics are usually between 2k-5k depending on the fight.

We then went to Drak'Thuran Keep and picked up those easy heroics for Sad who was missing them. After that we had to go to Gun'Drak and then the question came: To try Less-Rabi again?
"I think we can do it, let's do it!" -Taint
"nooooooooooo...memories...bad memories" -Me
"We have Sad now in the group, he'll show you guys how to do it" -Sad
"Sad, I'll pay you 1000g if we can do it in less than 2 hours" -Felix
"You're on" -Sad

It took us about an hour though but we finally got lucky with latency and simply predicting the exact moment to interrupt his transformation. That achievement is the total suck as it has nothing to do with real player skill. I was elated though to have it done with and yes, Sad is now 1000g richer. lol.

We then got totally cheated out of Share the Love. We have screenshots showing all five of us getting impaled by the final boss but we didn't get credit. We petitioned a GM but all they replied back was "try again tomorrow". grrr! Otherwise, I'd only have one achievement left!

However, Make it Count achievement attempt was messy as hell and we all were using different drakes than we normally do for Occulus. I think we were off by a good 3 minutes including deaths. I have a feeling that one will take a night or so more of practice to get down in 20 minutes.

The quad dps and one tank with the priest switching gear to heal was actually a really great move for us because it allowed us the flexibility of more DPS whenever we needed it. I only recommend this for others if they're tank is really strong and their healer is very smart and knows the fights.

We're hopefully going to try again today after everyone gets through doing Sunday business.


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