Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twilight Zone Attempts x 40

We made our first real Twilight Zone (3Drake Sarth) attempt last night with our 10man team.

Druid Tank - 50k raid buffed HP to tank Sarth
Pally Tank- Drake, whelp, lava blaze tank
Resto Shammy - Group healer
Disc Priest - MT Healer
Arcane Mage
FF Mage
Marks Hunter
Crit Chicken
Fury Warrior
Ass Rogue (hehehe <3 couldn't resist)

I think we must have done well over 42 attempts last night. I wouldn't really count the last 15 though because people were hella tired and lost their motivation. (why they claim they're ass-tired and can't go on and wanna quit but then stay on doing Valentine's shit for the next 4 hrs after we call the raid...that's another story. lol)

The basic strat was to have the druid pull Sarth to the front of the square island and the rest of the raid move behind him so that the pally tank had a lot of room to move around to pick up the drakes, lava blazes, whelps, and the next drake. We then had 80% of the island to move around as we needed.

I think the whole night, we sort of kept trying to adjust healing and tanking. How to keep the prot pally with 5 lava blazes on him, 6 whelps, and two drakes. After sleeping on it last night and then going over the wws stats of the 40+ attempts, I'm thinking it's actually the dps output. And it's definitely not about performance either because these guys are chiseled to their craft.

My best guess is that it's gear. The WWS shows our best attemtps and longest attempts occured when the max dps pushed 3500 and minimum pushed well over 2500. All other attempts, I noticed the dps top and bottom was only averaging between 2000-2500.

One thing to note here is that this DPS avg is not your standard tank and spank fight. It's normally higher pushing 4k. There is a ton of movement and repositioning though, so avg DPS is highly effected by this: lava walls, void zones, running to the tank when shit is on you.

In any case, I think a little more gearing and boosting of DPS so that everyone can hit a solid 3k+ every attempt will make all the difference. We got the first drake down several times so I know it's possible. Once you get the first drake down and all the whelps in check, the raid group is pretty much set. After that point, it all goes back to keeping the MT alive with the third portal spawn making breaths hit for 30k. SOOOO can do it.

What I definitely took from last night though is that 25man 3 drake is 100% doable with our group. I'm looking forward to trying that out this coming week.


Valilor said...

40+ Attempts? That's good going. Unlucky though, sounds pretty difficult but it is the hardest thing to do in the game at the moment so I guess it's fair enough.

What was the level of gear like? can you post a like to the Webstats? I want to spy on your MM Hunter!

Gahaleng said...

that good going tho determination for 40 attempts. we tried last night at 3 darke 10 man and decided to go for the 2 drake which we managed first go. its hard stuff wont be trying 3 for a while

wowcast said...

@Valilor, send me an email and I'll send you a link to our WWS

@Gahaleng, it's sort of like rockband. 2D vs 3D is like Hard vs Expert. Hard isn't too bad, easily doable but Expert requires perfection. It sucks! lol.

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