Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Elder All the Time

That's what I would have called the Achievement if I had named it instead of To Honor One's Elders. hehehe.

Today, Kitch and I got our last coin from Elder Brightspear in Winterspring and dinged the Elder achievement. And yes, I'm wearing the pantsuit instead of the Festival dress. I think it shows off my hooves better. lol.

We had started the long journey together in Northrend and crossed the seas to The Eastern Kingdoms. We each did our own journey through Kalimdor but met up again for the final coin in Winterspring. I was on to celebrate the LONG, TEDIOUS achievement when Kitch reminded me the Valentine holiday had started. DOH!

Oh well, at least this one has me bumming around Stormwind begging for adoration instead of chartering across the world. I think I can handle that. :D


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