Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WoW Weekend

I had one of those weekends where I intended to chill out on my couch or work on the podcast but instead got sucked into the black hole of wow. And this hole was vast.

Back when we were leveling Sad's new Draenei paladin up right before WoTLK, we also brought up a paladin for Taint as well. But when we hit 53, he had a choice to make. Keep leveling his paladin or stop and pick up his 53 priest.

I told him to stick with the paladin because they're more verasatile in terms of being able to do all three degrees of game play. That was my mistake as he almost always does the OPPOSITE of what I tell him to do....brothers..

So now that he's got his priest to 80 and hates using it for dps, he picked his paladin up to 80. And now he's wanting to get it geared etc so he's asking us to run heroics all the time. Unfortunately in WoLK I'm not as patient as I was about alts anymore.

But I obliged on Saturday because I do like hanging out with him and our crew. We started out with heroic Culling of Stratholme so he could get the drake. After we finished that, we decided to go ahead and do heroic Violet Hold since it was in the city.

It sort of just continued from there. We'd finish one and then decide to hit up another one. I think we started around 5pm and finished around 1am with a break for dinner and a few dps changes.

I got to play my elemental shaman spec so I had fun testing out different rotations. I still don't think I'm maximizing it at all so I'll have to do more research.

By the end of the run, I had gotten several more Heroic Achievments and finally got to run Heroic Drak'Tharon which finished me out to get the title [Champion of the Frozen Wastes]. Although that title makes me think of frozen poop so not sure how I feel about it. hehe.

I also got exalted with another faction, Argent Crusade. I'm now on my last tabard, Knights of the Ebon Blade which is really pretty dark purple so it's rather nice. I was glad to vendor my Argent Crusade tabard. By the end of the night, we had done every level 80 Heroic Dungeon in the game.

And to top my weekend off, I was determined to finally sit my booty down and knock out the Elder title. There is nothing that fun about travleing all over the World of Warcraft looking for old people to get coins from. At least that's what I thought until I discovered a few new places while doing it. I came across this really nifty camp site in Grizzly Hills. It's so detailed that I sort of wish I could have set my hearthstone there. :)

And I was able to convince my friend Kitch to tag along for the Elder coin collection extravaganza. It's always nice when you can share the experience of sheer travel montony with someone else. lol. so you can look back and say "Yeah, remember that time we went to visit that Elder in Sholozar? He was lame" "Yeah, he was an ass. He only gave me one coin!" hehe.

With the help of Felix, we actually were able to clear all the Northrend dungeons to the Elders with just the three of us...including Heroic Gun'drak which you have to clear on heroic to get to the guy. I was elemental spec in healing gear and it turned out to quite easy. It does help if your tank is stacked though. :)

We actually thought we were going to have a lot of trouble getting the Elder in Ogrimmar. We charged in prepared to die, rez, die, rez, claim coin. When we charged in we passed several horde on their mounts and I thought for sure they would turn on us but they ignored us and kept riding away. We got to Elder outside of Thrall's chamber and clicked on the guy going "uhhh..that's it? that was easy"

I think we were very fortunate with the timing and I sure as heck can't complain!
I'm supposed to pick up my final coin tonight and claim the Elder title. Not sure if I like being an Elder but it's better than Merrymaker Alachia, Champion of the Frozen Poop. hehehe.


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