Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1st Heroic Down

Wohoooo! I've been having some fun in PvE again this past week. Black Morass is so much fun. It's probably my new favorite instance.

But we all finally got revered with Cenarion Rep and got the key to do heroics! Heroic instances!! They're so much fun. Everything you know about tank and spanking goes down the drain. Every class has to be utilized to its maximum PvE ability. Sadin respecced Protection, Taint went Boomkin, I went Shadow.

We decided to do Heroic Underbog first. Man, those Bog Lord's will hit for close to 13k-17k! It's insane! I don't know how Vish kept him up half the time. Insane healing skillz man. Paladins FTW!

I got 4 Badges of Justice! :) Only about 21 more to go before I can buy my first PvE epic...that is..unless one drops. I'm hoping enough people get attuned for Kara in our guild this week so we can try it out on Friday. How awesome would that be?

So. Any shadow priests have any words of advice on how I can amplify my dps output? First thing I do is Shadow Word Pain, followed by Vampiric Embrace, then Vampiric touch. Then I spam my trinket and do Mind Blast. While Mind Blast is on cooldown, I spam Mind Flay until I can spam Mind Blast again. But I also have to stop the Mind Blast, Mind Flay spam to reapply Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch when they drop off. All the dotting and downtime from Mind Blast makes my DPS really kind of "just support". Is this right? Am I playing my class right?



Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like ALOT of fun. It's been too long since I've played. I haven't gotten online with my Shammy since last has taken up too much of my time.

It's nice to live vicariously through someone in the Wowverse. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alachia,

Don't forget Shadow Word:Death. You might think to only use it at the end of the fight, but it is a great dps booster that can be used throughout the fight. The key is to realize that any damage you take from using SW:Death early will be healed by the passive healing of Vampiric Embrace . On my shadow priest I use a 3 spell rotation of Shadow Word: Death, Mind Blast and Mind Flay while keeping VE, VT, and SW:Pain up all the time. Using this technique I can keep up with mages and locks fairly easily.

Alachia said...

Thanks Tulgaat! I will try that out next time. It makes sense too kind of because I take so little damage in the beginning as I gain the least amount of agro. :(

I shall let you know how it goes!

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