Friday, March 09, 2007

Why I don't do pugs, EVER.

Ah yes, I remember why I have the steadfast rule of absolutely NO PUGS. No matter how easy the goal might seem.

I had just done Shadowlabs with JAE and the tanks who I run with NEVER use sword/ shield (super rare). So healing has to be at its best. Less than perfect and the party wipes because healing through 4 elite mobs wailing on the tank sucks some serious @ssage.

Anyhow, so I get this /whisper afterwards from some people in a guild called Tainted.

They're like, "Arcatraz last boss, we just need one healer, we can summon, please"

I'm thinking..okay...I can handle one boss fight. Also, wiping doesn't phase me at all as long as everone is trying.

I thought we were doing great. The tank pulled out a sword and shield and I was like SWEET, easy mode! He was super easy to heal. It wasn't until the final pod (boss) that things got hairy....

So we're doing the boss encounter and I see the mage in the party type:

[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: lopl sweet (yes he typed lopl)
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: we got a bot
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: on our team

First off, who has time to type during a boss fight? Must be nice not to have to heal. So I've never done the encounter before at all. I've never been to Arcatraz. I think we were on the final wave (4th pod) and there is some kind of mindflay that happens. The other priest got mindflayed and we wiped after that. She died with 96% mana though. I never understood why she didn't heal herself. I guess other priests don't look at other priest's mana pool? Dunno. I was out of mana and using my shadowfiend to restore mana and I potted. The boss was at 8% or something and we wiped. I had no mana left to heal. If I had 701 mana left, we would have won the encounter.

So after we all rez and they complain about failing, I type:

[party][Alachia]: done?
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: yeah you botter
[party][DumbassMage from the Guild Tainted]: your botting sucks

so I dropped party and flew off to turn in some quest I had finished earlier while running Botanica.

I asked a guild mate in JAE what it means to be called a botter. He said he had no idea. So I messaged the warrior and asked him what the mage meant by it. And he said the guy was a dumbass and was tired and on the eastcoast and he appologized for the guy being stupid. Regardless, they all ended up on my /ignore list but I wanted to thank them for reminding me why I don't do PUGs....ever.

So no matter how nice or sweet people seem when they beg me to come heal for them, I'm going to stick to my usual response....."Sorry, about to log, but thanks for the invite! GL!"

I guess healing is a bad thing???? Maybe he was hoping I'd DPS? I even healed the mage when he got mindflayed as he was the only person who took dmg besides the tank during the earlier phases. hmmmm. So confusing. I actually thought we were doing very well but then we just didn't have enough dps/healing mana ratio left. So close though.

Oh yeah...back to PvP baby. One day of PvE will remind you as to why PvPing is sooo sooooo soooo much more least for a healer. :) Although I did have fun running Botanica and Shadowlabs, it's just not quite as thrilling.

LOL. As I typed this entry in, I got three invites to run Sethekk Halls, Shadowlabs, and heroic Coilfang. Unfortunately, I'm not good at shrugging jerks off, so I politely excuse myself from the possibility of that situation all together.



Anonymous said...


Blizzard needs to incorporate this into its tips that display during the game loading.

Being nice to the people with whom you party, one could be a podcaster who tells everyone how you are a noob jackass.


Fiwen said...

Haha well said Spurlock...

haha once again just kidding,


Anonymous said...

Was he somehow calling you a healbot? As in he expected all DPS and no heals?

bret said...

Horde PuGs are usually fine. Since I rolled my palading when the expac came out, I've only had 1 bad group ever, and I've done almost nothing but PuGs.

Horde: 25 billion points
Alliance: you get 1 point for winning 2000-0

bret said...

haha palading
I meant paladin


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