Tuesday, March 13, 2007

7-3, Arena Team inverse

Well, this week, we lost one of our Arena players. Maebee had to quit due to family stuff. So Vish volunteered to help us out this week for our ten games last night. We did pretty well for not much practice. Sadin hadn't played WoW in like four weeks cuz of business.. We won 7 and lost 3. Two of the games were so sooo soooo close. One of them came down to a warrior and Taint's druid. It was pretty fun to watch. He respecced resto for this round of games so he just could't pull it out in feral form... later, we talked about it and he should have entangled moonfire spammed. We'll never know.

I was so pissed at myself for forgetting to Fraps except for the very last game in which we got wtf pwned so hard. Hehehe. I'll have to edit and you can see what it looks like when Alachia gets totally pwned.


KaizeN said...

:o Alachia? Pwned? No wai >_<

Still it sounds like you guys are really turning it around, I'm sure in a months time you'll be posting a 10 - 0 blog ;)

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