Monday, March 12, 2007

Warlock Disguise

So we ran Shadowlabs tonight in 1 hour and 2 pulls to the first boss in Mana-Tombs in 12 minutes. We had 1:15 total to get 10 spirit shards before the tower reset in Terokkar.

We were succesful and I got my warlock disguise! woot! aka, otherwise known as my warlock diguise. Priest? I see no priest! Exorcist's Dreadweave Hood

I also scored a new PvP wand as well. Wand of the Netherwing

Four more AV tokens and I get my Grand Marshal's Satin Gloves!! You don't know what kind of discipline it has taken to not get the cool "looking" gear first but rather the best upgrades. :( I'm proud of myself but damn if I don't want to get the shoulders and headpiece soon!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know what the deal was with those spirit shards, please could you explain where you hand them in for rewards?
Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the blue High Warlord gear at 70 is *slightly* lesser than the old purple 60 gear. I'm new to the PvP side of WoW, and only recently started look at the BG rewards. Are these blues going to be upgraded later, like Tier 0 sets, or are we still waiting to see lvl 70 PvP epics? I also haven't looked at any arena stuff, so I may be unaware of how it works...

Chum said...

The only thing you'll find on the new level 70 PvP gear that should be of significance to you is the Resilience rating.

Some people shrug off resilience but I think everyone who is doing PvP and especially Arenas, should try to find a good balance between resilience and their other stats.

For me, it's a balance between +healing +int +stamina and +resilience.

From the first time I stepped into a BG and Arena on my priest til' now, I've seen a huge difference.

My resilience went from 0-120

In theory, resilience reduces your chance to get a critical strike damage. For a priest who is super fleshy and can't afford to go down fast, this is really really important.

The last thing you want is for a mage with arcane explosion to have you down to a "tap" level in the first second of the game...."tap" level means all someone has to do is tap you and you're dead. It's super hard to heal through that.


I'll make a free post about the spirit shard rewards Maclort which I think a lot of people who are shooting for PvP gear should know about.

Alachia said...

PS. My lock disguise has been working awesome in BGs...I've noticed I don't get targeted automatically anymore. They even let me stand there and heal cuz they think they're going after another healer first. hehehe..

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