Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dual Talent Personality

I guess I'm having a bit of a dual talent personality crisis. :)
That's the beauty of the hybrid class though. I just don't know which talent best suits me. First, if we're talking about which talent spec I have the most fun in, the answer is both. I love the DPS/VE combination A LOT! But I also like the responsibility and challenge of main healing.

To avoid the PvP/PvE respec issue we've been having, I might have to say goodbye to shadow for awhile. I've been looking to going to a hybrid PvP/PvE Holy/Disc spec. 25/36/0. This will hopefully maximize my mana and healing efficiency while still providing me with max survivability.

However, I had just started to get geared up for DPS and was just starting to see myself improve vastly at my shadow hand. I don't know. The back and forth is hard. I don't like to half-ass a class. Maybe this is just the nature of the priest. I don't know. I am interested in seeing what I can do being a full disc/holy priest with no shadow arm attached. I'm hoping I see vast improvements to the max healing. As I mentioned in the previous post, Heroics have a few mobs that just hit for an insane about of HP.

I'm still debating it. Ultimately, I'll do whatever works best for the group.



Anonymous said...

If you guys are running kara I'm suprised they haven't made you go full holy for healing. After the shadow healing nurf pretty much all the priests had to respec.

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