Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Smack Down

Heroics are pretty amazing because of the level of difficulty jump from normal to heroics. You go in to these instances from 60-70 and are like "what a joke!" and then you set heroic mode and wham....big difference in the way the mobs hit and the way you have to control your group inside the instace. We run Underbog a lot because you get 4 badges of justice from the instance and it's fairly manageable with a group with so little crowd control. Bog Lords hit for a biotch! He does about 9k damage to the prot warrior. For Felix and I, he does close to 12k-20k non-crit damage. The healers are non-stop spamming heals on the tank for fear that the warrior doesn't dodge a hit. WHAM 9-10k!

For heroic mode, I had to respec Shadow, Taint went resto druid, Felix is still destruction, and Sadin had to go Protection. We usually take a fifth main healer with us. Once, we took another prot warrior and that worked out okay for the first half of Hellfire Ramparts.

We will probably run them until our group has enough Primal Nether for Sadin to make his next Axe. Badges of Justice get you some pretty nifty accesories like offhands, neckpiece, rings, cloak, resist gear etc. Badge of Justice loot rewards



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