Friday, March 02, 2007

Extinction List: Healers

Snow Leopard, Humpback Whale, Giant Pangolin, African Wild Dog, Gray wolf, World of Warcraft Healers

What do all of those things have in common? They're on the endangered species list!

Hahahaha.. I don't often "CRY MORE!"

but seriously? Blizz? Patch 2.0.10? Seriously? Seriously????

Because we all know that Healerz need to be nurfed! YeS! Not mages who two shot and have that damn I-WIN button known as ice block. While you're at it. I think you should give hunters a 30 minute trap. You know..maybe a freeze trap that'll keep us detained for a good half hour. Also, I was thinking that Warriors need infinite rage and you should let rogues wear plate.

But regardless, you must nurf those damn healers! Perhaps you could take away two of their healing spells all together and just put one greater heal on a 10 minute cooldown. Yup, I think that'll balance things just nicely. :0

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged!"



Anonymous said...

"Seriously? Seriously????"

Are you doing a Grey's Anatomy?

If so, I approve. ;)

Igoo said...

LOL, great post. Though I would like that hunter trap. I would not screw with their heals, but psychic scream needs to go. And don't get me started on the locks.

Matt said...
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Matt said...

They are nerfing the Feral bear druid too. its sad.... so very sad. But what they are doing to the priest is just... well wrong.

Keep up the good work Alachia, your pretty much the only podcast i listen to and im always excited when you post a new one. Even your off topic podcasts are fun :D

Matrox, 70 Hybrid Resto/Feral Druid
Stormrage, D'Gentlemen

Alachia said...

hahaha..yeah kaz. I totally can go a little too "meredith" sometimes.

funny thing is that's what I usually say when I'm kind of in disbelief and pissed off....and after watching that episode, I was laughing my ass off.

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